Don't Be Just Another Average Zombie This Year

by Miki Hayes

A great option for those of us that get a little lazy costume-wise during Halloween? Zombie makeup. Instead of having to pull together random pieces that, let's face it, you'll never wear again, going the zombie-route allows us to do our makeup, and then wear whatever you damn-well please. After all, zombies are just infected members of the general public, right? But sometimes, it can be fun to do a little something extra so you're not just another run-of-the-mill zombie. And the best part of these little-something-extras? You can still be suuper lazy about it! Everybody join me in imagining yourself doing a heel-click and fist pump because we would never actually get up to do that!

First off, here are some quick ideas to activate your lazy-girl brainstorming (heh-heh):

  • Throw on a cowboy hat and some flannel to be a country zombie.
  • Bust out those old strap-on wings and some glitter and be a fairy zombie.
  • If you have a school uniform, wear that and a headband to be Blair Walzombie.
  • Have any kind of sports jersey? Use that to show the world you're one of the more agile zombies.
  • Old cop, firefighter, nurse, etc. costumes can easily be re-used with zombie makeup.
  • A white dress paired with either blonde curls or a bouquet/veil can transform you into zombie-Marilyn or a zombie bride.

The options really are endless. But here are a few of my faves:

1. Hipster Zombie

Just throw on a beanie to let everyone know you were a zombie before it was cool.

2. Pin Up/Rosie the Riveter Zombie

Pull back your hair and tie a bandana around your head. If you're feeling fancy, victory rolls are a nice touch.

3. Princess Zombie

That plastic tiara you've been hoarding since you were five? Put it on and let everyone know you're daddy's little zombie.

4. Mickey Mouse Zombie

Sexy animals are out. Undead ones are in. Throw on a pair of ears and color in the bottom of your nose with some black eyeliner so people know you want a side of cheese with your brains.

Images: Getty Images (1); Miki Hayes (4)