'Scandal' Season 4 Premiere is Around the Corner & Here's What It's Like to Be The Only One In Your Friends Group Who Doesn't Watch

Listen, you work three jobs and go to school. Adding another, addicting television series like Scandal to your plate just isn't plausible for you right now. Which is sensible and responsible (because yeah, you're an adult now and you do those kinds of things), but it doesn't mean you don't face some serious FOMO when all your friends can't stop yapping about it.

But despite your avoidance, you hear Olivia Pope really likes wine, and you admire her for that. You do.

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Trying to Listen To Your Friends Summarize Why 'Scandal' Is So0o Amazing

Yeah. Uh huh. Mhm. Okay. Wow! Yeah, sounds great.*Quietly thinks about what to get for lunch*

Wondering Where All Your Friends Went On Thursday Night

Thirsty Thursday? Anyone? Anyyyyyone? No? Okay.

Not Getting An Invite To 'Scandal' Viewing Parties

Just because I watch the show doesn’t mean I don’t like snacks, causeeeee I do.

Getting Scolded For Calling Your Friends From The Hours of 9-10pm On Thursdays

Even in cases of emergencies.

Asking, "What show is this?" As You Unsuspectingly Walk Into The Room

Soooooo-ryyyyyy. Sheesh.

Witnessing Your Friends Overreaction During The Season Finale

For them, it’s personal. It’s cool, till it’s not and they’re like throwing things.

Me In Group Texts On Friday Mornings

Who the hell is Melly? What kind of a name is that?! Why is everyone getting shot?! Wait, WHO is having sex with WHO?!

Enviously Watching Your Friends Get Retweeted By Kerry Washington

Because whether you watch Scandal or not, Kerry Washington is the cat’s pajamas.

Accepting Your 'Scandal'-less Life

You learn to cope…ish.