Zach Didn't Leave 'Big Brother' Empty Handed

Don't get me wrong. I'm really excited that Donny won America's Favorite Houseguest. He was the sweetest, most kind-hearted person in the Big Brother house and we've all been in love with Donny and his beard basically from the start. Personally, he had me from the bird calls he did on his very first day in the house. However, I couldn't help but feel that Zach got a raw deal here. After all, Donny had already made $15,000 in Team America missions alone on top of his $14,000 stipend for participating in the season. Zach only got the stipend — except apparently that's not all. As Big Brother Network reports, Zach revealed he'll be doing The Bold and the Beautiful this weekend, joining Donny as one of the house guests offered a guest spot on the soap opera.

In true Zach style, he also followed this up with the comment that he "wasn't supposed to say anything" — just like Zach wasn't supposed to reveal exactly which of the Final 2 he had voted for before Julie Chen revealed the votes. Leave it to Zach Attack to be unable to keep a secret. But the unpredictability that ultimately got him evicted from the Big Brother house is working in our favor now because #TeamZonny is headed to The Bold and the Beautiful and that is beautiful. There's no word on exactly what role either Donny or Zach will be playing on the show, or on if any other house guests will join them, but this is more than enough cause for celebration.

After all, stipend aside, Zach kind of got a raw deal in the Big Brother house. He was betrayed by his best friend, Frankie Grande, several times over the course of the game. He was Team America's favorite target for missions, between the rumor of being a relative of a previous house guest, being goaded into fighting with the other house guests, having his Gator shirt stolen and then blamed for being the one hiding everyone's clothes. On top of that, he lost out on America's Favorite Houseguest money and even though he said in his live finale interview with Jeff that he was happy it was Donny if it couldn't be him, I'm even happier that Zach gets to walk away with something.

This is the house guest that gave us most of the interesting moments over the course of an otherwise boring season 16 of Big Brother, after all. From teaching everyone the Gator clap to his showmance with Frankie to his amazing insults like "Fruit Loop dingus busta fooligan", Zach has ensured that he is one house guest that no one will ever forget. He's going to put the bold in The Bold and the Beautiful all right.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS; quintessentialteenager/Tumblr