Lamar Odom Has Gone Missing

by Lindsay Mannering

So apparently, everyone's favorite Kardashian has gone missing. According to TMZ, Khloe Kardashian's husband Lamar Odom has gone missing. Unsure how a 6'10" 33-year-old man goes missing for 72 hours? Same. But sources tell the gossip site that Khloe kicked him out of the house last Wednesday after a failed intervention — Odom's evidently been batting a crack-cocaine addiction. It's suspected that he absconded to go on a drug binge, but who the shit knows.

A rep for the basketballer confirmed that Odom's OK, but didn't share any details about his whereabouts.

Here's the thing — everyone loves Odom. He's by far the best thing that's happened to the Kardashians since Scott Disick and his calming presence really adds something to the show. And yeah, I'm using the word "show" here instead of "family" because these people clearly aren't real ... they're just characters selected to further promote the brand.

And Odom was, at first, a great choice. He executed a proposal within weeks of meeting Khloe, he drew A-list athletes to their extravagant wedding, he agreed to a spinoff series, signed on to be the face of a perfume, and basically let Kris Jenner and Khloe call all of the shots. Plus, he's handsome and fun-loving. Odom was the perfect cast member.

Now, it seems, things have gotten real. Too real, in fact, and if any of these rumors are true and Odom is on the lam-lam looking for drug-drugs, that's not good for anyone, least of all Odom. So far, no one has filed a missing's person report, which might be a good sign, but it's been reported that Khloe is this close to filing for divorce.

Bottom line, we're feeling for Odom right now and are hoping that he's doing all right. That said, if this turns out to be some amplified drama for one of their reality shows, then everyone can go sit on a tack.