In Defense of Scott Disick

Unpopular opinion: I love Scott Disick — actually, I'm sorry, I love Lord Disick. He may not be anyone else's favorite member of the Kardashian clan (who is everyone else's? Kendall? Mason?), but I wouldn't be able to sit through a full episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians or K____ & K___ Take ____ without him. While the rest of the family works on their images and takes their brand so, so seriously, Disick is the only one who can acknowledge the absurdity of it all and one-up their ridiculousness in response.

How much do I love Kourtney's love? Enough to own this shirt and wear it proudly.

Even Mindy Kaling has gotten on board.

I truly believe that a lot of his hate is unwarranted. Is he a bit whiny? Sure. A little full of himself? Absolutely. But what Kardashian family member isn't? Maybe a lot of the heat comes from people who remember the old Scott, the one from Miami who had a drinking problem and wasn't the nicest to Kourt, but he's changed! When those episodes happened, he was just a 26-year-old rich kid looking to party. Now, Scott is a great dad to Mason and Penelope, a good boyfriend to Kourtney and most importantly, a fantastic TV personality. Haters really owe the guy a second chance.

If my opinions aren't enough to get you off Scott's back, these .GIFs should do it.

He Knows He's on a TV Show

He knows there are cameras following him, and he'll put on a good show for them. It's been 8 seasons, E! can only manufacture so many plot lines — Scott takes care of the rest.


Does anyone else in this world have as much swag as the Lord? The correct answer is no. This piece on Thought Catalog summed it up pretty well — Scott is fearless when it comes to fashion. Canes, eye patches, neon pink, velvet slippers, the list goes on when it comes to Scott's love of everything over-the-top. Most importantly, no matter what he is wearing, Scott rocks it with a ton of confidence. More guys should own their style as much as he does — although I'm sure having limitless cash helps.

He Isn't Afraid to Call the Kardashians on Their Shit

As fascinating as the Kardashians can be to watch, sometimes, someone needs to give them a little wake-up call. More often than not, that someone is Scott Disick. If anyone's being a diva, or stuck-up or just says something dumb, Scott becomes all of us at home who wanna yell through our TVs. He was even the first to see that Kim and Kris Humphries didn't quite click.

He Became Royalty

One time, Scott went to London. When he arrived, he was just Scott Disick. By the time he'd left, he was Lord Disick, an actual lord. I've always wanted to be a princess but never actually made it happen, Scott wanted to be royalty, he became royalty. You have to give it to him, that's pretty impressive, no matter how much he milks that title.

He Really Does Love Kourtney

Think about it. Would he stick around, through all the years of the entire Kardashian family hating him, if he didn't really want to be with her? He's also the one who wants to get married, Kourtney has been putting it off, for now at least. As much drama as we see on camera, they always end up happy in the end, and Kourtney has the Instagrams to prove it.

He's Freaking Hilarious

Scott is usually the only (intentional) comic relief on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He's actually funny, especially when he's making fun of the people around him--all in good nature, of course.

That Yeezus Promo

It became pretty clear that Kanye West was a fan of Scott's when he first put "get off my Scott Disick" into his song "The One." (It's also safe to assume that Scott lost his mind when he first heard it.) More recently, Kanye released a promo for Yeezus that parodied American Psycho, starring Scott, of course, as Patrick Bateman. The video is above just watch it and try not to be impressed.

He's Survived Being Part of the Kardashian Family for 7+ years

So in conclusion, get off my Scott Disick.