Would You Want to See These Guys on Vacation?

If you needed any convincing that former Breaking Bad stars Daniel and Luis Moncada — better known to fans as the homicidal, intimidating Salamanca cousins — are actually the best, here you go: Undeniable proof, in the form of their Hawaii vacation photos. Breaking Bad is one hell of a dark show, so it's nice to know that the cast is either so messed up that they're no longer affected by it, or just more inclined to be "glass-half-full" type people. Hopefully, the latter.

The story behind these photos is actually almost as great as the pictures themselves. As Luis Moncada explained in an epic Reddit thread:

So this crazy MutherF**ker invites US to his estate in Hawaii. At first, I thought he was bullsh*tting or maybe Jeffrey Dhamer’s brother trying to lure us in. Because who in their right f**king mind would invite US to stay at their property?! So we said “WTF” lets go kill this Motherf**ker. Well, he turned out to be tougher than we thought…We were not able to harass him at his own Domicile…So after much persuasion we were able to work out a deal. So next time you wanna venture to the Big Island of Hawaii mention our name for the SALAMANCA HOOK UP! REAL SH*T

Breaking Bad references? Can these guys get any more awesome?

Yes. Yes, they can. Just check out the rest of these photos:

I know Hank killed them off in the third season of Breaking Bad and all, but can we just give them their own spin-off anyway? It can be set in the past, whatever. Just get these guys back on TV.