Bad News If You Share a Bed

Ever wonder why you're exhausted when you wake up next to someone, even when you actually did nothing but sleep? If so, there's good news and bad news: first, it sounds like you might be an actual adult in an actual relationship, so kudos. The bad news is that sleeping with a partner is bad for your sleep. The Huffington Post collected nine reasons your mate could be to blame for your under eye circles reaching critical, unconcealable levels, and here are the most interesting three.

Unwanted Cuddling

Cuddling might release oxytocin, a.k.a. the "love hormone," but some people are definitely more into it than others. If your partner is a big fan of cuddling but you aren't, it can be a little overwhelming and make it harder to get to sleep.

Being the Early Bird (or Vice Versa)

It's exhausting trying to become accustomed to another person's schedule, especially if that person tends to go to bed much later or wake up much earlier than you. Phillip Gerhman, PhD, suggested to the Huffington Post that couples in this situation come up with a bedtime, after which the night owl keeps their activities out of the sleeping area, and that the early bird gets ready for the day in a room where it won't wake up the other person.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your Partner is Your Pet

And not in a sexy way. If you sleep in the same bed as your pet, chances are they'll wake you up at least once a night. If it's a persistent problem, it's time to get Fido his own bed.

Head over to HuffPo for the other six reasons.

There you have it! For some advice on positions to use when you're in bed for reasons other than sleeping, head over this way. Sweet dreams!