Never Be Naked In Public Again!

You know those times when you just need to change in public but don't want to get naked? When the gravity of changing your ensemble is so pressing that you can't wait to find a restroom, a towel to cover yourself, or a backseat to duck under? Don't worry. They've found a solution. The Undress lets you change clothes in public without getting naked, and now they have a campaign on kickstarter to fund its manufacturing. Because I guess some extra stitches, "secret pockets," and colorblocking make it somehow more effective than my beach towel changing routine. Alrighty then.

In an effort to garner funds for the manufacturing and patenting of the product, the campaign asks donators:

"Have you recently been forced to change clothes in public? Have you tried changing behind a flimsy towel, in a dirty public restroom, the backseat of a car, or worse?"

Oh, dear, I don't even want to think about what "worse" is supposed to mean. First world problems, folks. But really, the dress is more than just a dress: It's a system, and the creators have cleverly created a step-by-step guide to show us how idiotic we can all look swapping out of our workout clothes into jeans. Frankly, I'd rather be naked in public.

And what's with the dress? I feel like the men got kind of left out on this one. Looks like you'll have to keep dealing with those dirty public restrooms, guys.

The campaign has a $22,000 goal and, shockingly, with 37 days to go, they've reached $22,146. I'll give them major props for garnering so much support for something that is both visually unappealing as well as entirely frivolous. I'm still stumped trying to figure out what kind of situation would put you in imminent danger if you did not change right that second rather than waiting five or ten minutes to get somewhere appropriate for changing, or, brace yourself, accidentally show a little sideboob. Maybe instead we should spend our energy creating kickstarter campaigns for things that are actually necessary and vital to better our society. Like Nutella Starbucks drinks.

Images: The Undress/Kickstarter