19 Valentine's Day Drinks You Can Order Off Starbucks’ Secret Menu

It’s the overwhelming sweetness for me.

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15 Starbucks' Valentine’s Day Secret Menu Drinks To Try

Valentine's Day is, if nothing else, an excuse to consume all things pink, sugary, and sweet. While Starbucks hasn't announced any of their 2022 Valentine's Day line-up, they have revealed their new line of Valentine’s Day cups. (Including a mug with color-changing kisses printed on it!) It’s unclear whether Starbucks is planning to debut a custom V-Day menu this year, but there are plenty of Starbucks Valentine's Day secret menu drinks you'll want to try in the meantime. They're pink! They're sweet! They will be the delicious Valentine you deserve.

In 2021, Starbucks kicked off Valentine’s Day with an entire week of deals catering to sweet acts of love. According to Delish, the coffee company waived delivery fees for all orders above $15 from Feb. 8 to 14, and, on Valentine’s Day, it offered 50% all delivery orders above $15. Fingers crossed that Starbucks will assist another year of sweet coffee surprises for our loved ones this year.

Fortunately, you won’t need to wait around to give the secret menu a try, as Starbucks secret menu drinks use menu items available all year. Just a reminder: the secret menu is not an official Starbucks menu, but rather a collection of Starbucks concoctions that social media has dreamed up. That’s why if you order a “Raspberry Cheesecake Frapp,” your barista will have no idea what you’re talking about until you explain the step-by-step process behind the drink. (Also, be nice to your barista. Tip generously. Apologize a few times if you feel inclined.) It’s also worth noting that you’re not able to order some secret menu items on the Starbucks app — if, for instance, they require a step like blending strawberry puree into cold foam.

Now that that’s settled, here are 19 Starbucks secret Valentine's Day menu drinks you’ll want to try. Whether you prefer your drinks with a hearty caffeine kick or just want something pink and gorgeous, you’re sure to find your perfect match on this list.


Valentine’s Day Frapp

The Starbucks Secret Menu, an unofficial site that has all things secret menu, has concocted what they've dubbed the Valentine's Day Frappuccino. Order a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, but ask for it to be made with white mocha instead of regular mocha. Ask for a couple pumps of raspberry syrup and voila! A drink that's equal parts fruity, chocolatey, and pink.


Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

There’s no need to wait until Valentine’s Day dinner to have your dessert! Kick off the day on a sweet note with this strawberry cheesecake frappuccino. Order a vanilla bean frappuccino with strawberry puree, white mocha syrup, and cinnamon dolce syrup. To add some cake-like texture, ask to top the whipped cream with more strawberry puree and caramel sugar.


White Chocolate Strawberry Iced Latte

Whether you’re looking for a white chocolate take on the chocolate-covered strawberry secret menu drinks, or just want to try some new aesthetics, this is a perfect treat. Order an iced latte with two shots of espresso, two pumps of white mocha, and vanilla cold foam with strawberry puree mixed in.


Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Pink Drink

There’s a few chocolate-covered strawberry drinks already on the secret menu. However, if you’re a lover of the Pink Drink (or want an option that’s easier to order so that you don’t annoy your barista), this is a must-try. Order a Pink Drink with mocha cold foam, and bon appétit. No strawberry stems included.


Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino

This drink requires a little bit of explanation but the result is, as its name suggests, a drink that tastes like strawberry shortcake. Per the Starbucks Secret Menu recipe, ask for Strawberry Juice filled to the first line of the cup and your milk of choice to the next line. Then, ask them to blend a couple scoops of Vanilla Bean powder, a few pumps of White Mocha syrup, and a pump of Toffee Nut Syrup with a Creme base and ice. Then, top it all off with whipped cream. Or you could use the above TikTok recipe for a similar result.


Pink Drink With Sweet Cream

This drink is perfect if you're looking for something unique but don't want to give your barista a laundry list of items and substitutions. Just ask for a grande iced Pink Drink with Vanilla Sweet Cold Foam. The result is a drink almost too pretty to drink. Almost.


Love Bug Frappuccino

Blog Totally The Bomb is known for its brilliant Starbucks drink ideas. The Love Bug Frappuccino is no different. First, order a Grande Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino. Ask for one pump of raspberry syrup, a scoop of java chips, and mocha drizzle and cookie crumbles on top. It's like all your favorite Valentine's Day treats wrapped up into one delicious drink.


The Dirty Valentine


Calm down — The Dirty Valentine is dubbed as such because it's got coffee in it. Start by asking for a Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino. Then ask for strawberry sauce and java chips to be added in. Have it topped with whipped cream and a mocha drizzle and enjoy!


The Love Bean

The Love Bean is the drink you'll want to get if you're craving something pink. Ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a couple of pumps of raspberry. Have it topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls and sip away.


Love On The Rocks

Like a delicious mocktail, Love On The Rocks is fruity, sweet, and served on ice. Ask for a Berry Hibiscus Refresher without the blackberries. Have your barista replace the water with apple juice and add a pump or two of raspberry syrup. Top it off with a splash of Passion Iced Tea and enjoy.


Lovestruck Refresher

If the Secret Menu Love on the Rocks refresher doesn’t fit the vibe of your V-Day, a lovestruck refresher should be the perfect match for some smitten sippin’. Order a strawberry açaí refresher with raspberry syrup, top with cold foam, and add strawberry puree.


Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

A cheesecake you can drink! To order the Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino just ask for a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with a pump or two of Raspberry Syrup added in. That's it!


White Chocolate Strawberry Frapp

More of a white chocolate-covered strawberry person? The White Chocolate Strawberry Frapp is what you seek. Ask for a Venti Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino, two pumps of White Mocha, and no purée. Top with whipped cream and holiday toppings (if they're still available). The result is as sweet as it sounds.


Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Frapp

If you're a fan of chocolate-covered strawberries, this is the drink for you. To order a Chocolate-covered Strawberry Frappuccino, ask for a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino with java chips added in. Have your barista top it off with a mocha drizzle for an extra chocolatey drink. TikTok has a few other ways to order a chocolate-covered strawberry drink if you're looking for a different variation.


Java Berry

Originally, the Java Berry drink was a combination of a Java Chip Frappuccino topped with the pink raspberry-infused whipped cream. Unfortunately, Starbucks no longer carries their raspberry-infused whipped cream. Instead, ask for a few pumps of raspberry syrup to be added to your Java Chip Frappuccino.


Rose Gold Drink

The rose gold trend is over when the Starbucks secret menu says it's over. To try out the Rose Gold Drink for yourself, you'll need to ask for a Venti Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with no water, peach juice, four pumps of pineapple ginger and three pumps of raspberry.


Blended Pink Drink

This one is as simple as it sounds but the results no less delicious. To get a blended Pink Drink, order a Pink Drink with extra ice and strawberry purée. Then, asked for it to be double-blended and ta-da! A smoothie-esque version of the iconic Pink Drink.


Strawberry Peach Drink

The Strawberry Peach Drink starts with a Strawberry Acai Lemonade, adds in peach juice, gets double blended, and is topped with whipped cream. It will be like the most delicious smoothie you've ever tasted.


Pink Starburst Frapp

You've likely already heard of the Pink Starburst Frappuccino, and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to give it a try. Start by ordering a blended Strawberry Lemonade (ask for less purée). Have them add a pump of raspberry and a few pumps of vanilla. If you've ever wanted to drink a pink Starburst, this is the Frapp for you.

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