Learn To Cook... On YouTube!

by Carrie Murphy

I've never been a Food Network addict. Sure, it's cool to watch Chopped or 30 Minute Meals every once in a while, but I'm a lot more likely to cook a recipe that I've Googled than one I've watched on TV. Enter YouTube cooking channels! All the fun of food porn television, but in a shorter format that's a little bit less glossy and little bit more real. Here are some of my favorite YouTube personalities who will teach you how to cook (minus the copious butter and controversy you'd get from the likes of Paula Deen).

You probably already know about My Drunk Kitchen, where comedian Hannah Hart gets drunk and cooks stuff, but it's worth subscribing to because its really effing funny and you might sortakinda learn something about cooking, too.

Hilah Cooking with Hilah Johnson is like learning to cook from a sassy family friend who knows everything about food but isn't all snooty-nose "foodie" about it. Her recipes are easy, her techniques are classic, and you'll learn how to make a good meal from Hilah even if you're one of those people who claims you can't boil water. Bonus: Hilah is based in Texas, so lots of her recipes are for Mexican and Tex-Mex food.

Who doesn't like low-cost, simple cooking and an adorable, inspiring 97-year-old woman? That's right, everyone does. So that's why everyone should take a look over at Great Depression Cooking, the YouTube channel where 97-year-old Clara Cannucciari shares stories and recipes from her childhood in the Great Depression. You'll learn to make fried mushrooms and you'll love it.

Zombies have been over (as least as a cultural meme) since like 2010, but that doesn't take away from the awesomeness of The Vegan Zombie. This is a great channel, whether you're already a vegan or just wondering how, exactly, to cook without meat, dairy, or eggs.