Taylor Swift Knows How To Win The Internet

Oh, Taylor Swift. Could you be any more nerd-cute? And I'm not talking about those adorbs and revealing "Shake It Off" video outtakes either, girl. Taylor Swift is now on Tumblr and while she is somewhat new to the service, she wore a T-shirt boasting the unpunctuated phrase "no its becky," to the delight of fans. It was a reference to a Tumblr post where someone posted a photo of Swift, saying it was her friend who passed away. When an eagle-eyed user pointed out that it was obviously a pic of a younger Swift and therefore a hoax, the poster replied, "no its becky." The phrase became a popular meme and now T. Swizzle has immortalized it in yellow T-shirt form.

Swift is often adorkable and can even be considered the fashion world's idea of normcore at times. She showed off this element of her style as she navigates Tumblr, which in turn demonstrates her social media prowess and the fact that yeah, she's definitely in on the joke.

Before we go any further, can we just take a moment to talk about how Swift's hair looks a bit shorter, like she's bobbin' it? I am thinking that she should go even shorter and try a chin-hugging, asymmetrical bob. It would totally work on her, especially if she wore it with her cool, rainbow-colored reading glasses.

The larger lesson to be learned here, besides the fact that Swift is adorably stylish (duh), is that she is directly plugged into her fans via social media despite being, like, one of the biggest stars right now. So watch what you say out there, haters that are gonna hate, hate, hate: Taylor Swift may very well be reading your words.

While I have you, let's look back at a few more of her very most adorable moments. Gosh, she's perfect.

1. Bestie Love

In July, she wore a big and gaudy "S" necklace to celebrate her bestie Selena Gomez's birthday. The necklace itself was ostentatious but the sentiment was beyond cute.

2. Posing Presidentially With Cara Delevingne

Girls! Girls! Swift and Cara Delevingne, one of her many celeb BFFs, posed presidentially under a George Washington portrait. I can't even.

3. Christmas Onesies > Christmas Sweaters

Swift didn't rock the hideous, obligatory Christmas sweater. You know, the kind with a yarn-enhanced Rudolph or a Santa with a functional flap beard. She rocked a flannel onesie that was so dorktastic that it was actually cute.

4. Getting Dem Wings

The Swifties think she is an angel. So she got her wings.

Images: Taylor Swift/Tumblr; Taylor Swift/Instagram