The Fried Chicken iPhone Case Is Totally Real

Remember that fried chicken keyboard KFC Japan churned out a few weeks ago? Well, they’re not done yet — now they’ve made a fried chicken iPhone case, too. Because everyone should aspire to spend their days speaking into a giant hunk of plastic bird. Or something.

A prize for the same promotion featuring the keyboard, earrings, and other assorted fried chicken goodies we’ve previously discussed, this drumstick-shaped case snaps easily around your phone; be warned, though, that it’s only available for the iPhone 5S. Sorry, iPhone 6 devotees — you’re out of luck this time. Nor is this the only new item added to the KFC contest prize list; an Ostrich Pillow has also found its way into the lineup, although as CNET points out, it’s even less subtle than the original: “If you thought the Ostrich Pillow would be conspicuous in public,” writes Amanda Kooser, “just wait til you try to take a nap at the airport wearing a massive orange-brown chicken part over your head.” Truth.

Is anyone else sort of suspicious about the sudden appearance of all these mysterious fried chicken creations? I can’t help but think that we’re about to be subjected to a poultry-pocalypse or something. I imagine the stages of a fried chicken takeover and the subsequent collapse of society would go something like this:

1. First Contact

We discover the existence of a strange new form of life — in this case, a type of living plastic whose preferred form is, for some reason, artificial fried chicken.

2. Novelty

We are amused by these bizarre creatures, and we welcome them into our homes.

3. Widespread Usage

We have realized how useful the chicken-shaped items formed out of our new living plastic “friends” have become; as a result, they become a common occurrence and part of our everyday lives.

4. The Fried Chicken Uprising

The living plastic fried chicken objects reveal their true objective: to take over the world. They systematically destroy our society, nation by nation, relegating all humans to the bottom of the heap.

5. The Poultry Post-Apocalypse

Our world is now run by fried chicken appliances. Those of us who remain must go into hiding, biding our time until our One True Hero arises from the plasticine masses to save us all.

Or maybe that’s just me. In any event, if you live in Japan, follow KFC Japan on Twitter and tweet a link to the contest’s promo page for your chance to win the fried chicken iPhone case. At least it’s a conversation piece, right?

Images: KFC Japan; Confessions of a Gater/Tumblr; MRWGifs; Giphy (3)