17 TV Crushes From the '90s Who Were Probably Responsible for Your Awkward Sexual Awakening

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If you grew up in the '90s, then your coming-of-age was filled with lots of neon, elastic waist bands, and more boy band pop-and-lock-moves than your heart could contain. It also means that you may have first come to feel those weird tingly sensations in your body when a certain hunk would come on screen during your favorite television show. Ah yes, the uncomfortable desires of sexual awakenings. Thankfully for me, the '90s were filled with a bevy of heartthrobs, so I could bounce between the bad boys, the art freaks, and the guys next door as I started to understand all of those strange feelings.

So here's to the long-haired, rat-railed, high-waisted pant-wearing, leather jacket-loving TV characters who first made my heart go pitter-patter. Here are the finest fellas (in my humble opinion) on the small screen from the '90s. On SNICK, MTV, TGIF, and everywhere in between, these guys were the first faces plastered on my tween wall. Enjoy.

Image: NBC

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