The 11 Best 'Gilmore Girls' Moments of All Time from the Dance-a-thon to Lorelai & Luke's Kiss

In a move that has answered many a fans' prayers, Gilmore Girls will be available on Netflix on October 1. I don't know about you, but I'm counting down the days. To build up your anticipation even more, here are some of the best moments from the amazing series. Gilmore Girls was as beloved for its quirky humor as it was for its central mother/daughter relationship and emotional arcs, so I included a mix of sassy and sweet.

Click through for 11 of the show's best moments.

Images: Warner Bros. Television

by Loretta Donelan

When Lane Dyed Her Hair

In a moment of rebelliousness, Lane bleached her hair blonde and then dyed it purple, and it looked SOOO GOOD (while it lasted).

When Lorelai Called Rory "The Other Woman"

This was a hard moment to watch, but it really stuck with me. Lorelai yelled at Rory, which is rare in itself, for sleeping with a married man, and it was one of the first moments when Rory really had to face the consequences for her actions.

When the Dance-a-thon Happened

Though this was certainly more than a moment, the dance-a-thon in "They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?" was Stars Hollow quirkiness and Rory/Lorelai bonding at its best.

When Sookie & Lorelai Opened the Dragonfly Inn

I love the moments when Lorelai succeeds, and she and Sookie are such a great team.

When Kirk Was in 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Kirk has so many great moments, but one of my favorites was when he starred in an elementary school production of Fiddler on the Roof.

When Emily & Richard Danced

At their vow renewal, Richard and Emily dance to “Bill” and it’s perfect, that is until…

When Rory's Whole Family Walked in on Her & Logan

“Grandma wants a picture.”

“Of this?!”

This moment was so awkward, emotionally charged, and hilarious.

When Rory's Car Was Hit by a Deer

Not only is this a perfect New England problem, but it resulted in an amazing Lorelai rant.

When Rory Found Out That Paris Is Her College Roommate

I thought Paris was hilarious, and this moment was great both because it meant she was back and because Paris’ college strategy was predictably intense.

When Rory & Logan Jumped

“You jump, I jump, Jack.”

When Lorelai Kissed Luke

This was a great moment because it left a feeling of hope and continuation in the otherwise sad finale.