8 TV Shows With More Drama Behind the Scenes Than We Saw on Camera

TV is full of drama, but when it comes to these television shows, the really juicy stuff was happening behind the scenes. These casts may have played nice (or not) in front of the cameras, but the drama only increased once they stopped rolling. Whether it was a fight for the spotlight or a squabble over salaries, these TV casts allegedly caused even more drama out of character than they did in it. Can you guess what shows had the most drama? Click through to find out!

by Kaitlin Reilly

TV Drama #1

Rumor had it that one of the ladies of this ABC drama was a little too desperate for the spotlight.

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'Desperate Housewives'

Bree and Susan were great friends on Desperate Housewives, but the feelings didn’t translate to stars Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher. Hatcher was at the time the biggest star on the series, and that allegedly caused tension between her and the rest of the cast. Hatcher and Cross allegedly got into a big fight during a photo shoot for Vanity Fair, when Hatcher was initially placed front and center on the cover.

And that wasn’t the only drama to come out of the series. Star Nicollette Sheridan reportedly sued creator Marc Cherry for assault, gender violence, and wrongful termination after her character, Edie, was killed on the show.


TV Drama #2

Before he was on Franklin & Bash, this star was just trying to survive high school.

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'Saved By The Bell'

Have you seen Saved By The Bell: The Unauthorized Story? If so, oh my God, watch it right now. It’s basically a pity party for Dustin Diamond — the film is based on his memoir about his time on the series — and features behind-the-scenes jealousy, drinking, and lots and lots of push-up contests.


TV Drama #3

This cast didn’t get along as swimmingly as the show’s name would suggest.

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The alleged drama on the set of Glee only really sprung up during the filming of the show’s fifth season. Stars Naya Rivera and Lea Michele allegedly had an intense fight on set of the Fox dramedy, which eventually culminated in Rivera cutting back on her episodes in Season 5.


TV Drama #4

The cattiness really came out on Alyssa Milano’s supernatural drama.

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Alyssa Milano has called the cast of Charmed “like high school,” likening the friendship between her co-stars Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs to a clique she was perpetually left out of. It was Doherty who eventually left the series — she was allegedly fired after on-set drama between her and Milano.

The WB

TV Drama #5

Thank God this cast didn’t have an anonymous blogger to spill about their real-life drama.

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'Gossip Girl'

Rumors about in-cast fighting sprouted up in 2010, when Leighton Meester’s music was used on the show before her rocker co-star Taylor Momsen’s. In addition to that, long-time co-stars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively broke up in the middle of shooting, and Badgley was interviewed as saying that he “wasn’t friends” with most of his co-stars. The atmosphere on set was allegedly “frosty” for a majority of the final two seasons, though the cast looks awfully cute together on their final filming day.

The CW

TV Drama #6

Before she was a Mystery Girl, Jennie Garth was on this high school (and later college) series — and had plenty of drama with her co-stars.

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'Beverly Hills, 90210'

What do you get when you combine teenage hormones with instant fame and Hollywood egos? Lots of drama. Actress Jennie Garth admitted that there was a lot of drama between the girls on set, particularly between herself and onscreen BFF Shannen Doherty. According to Garth, there was a time when they had to be pulled about by co-stars Luke Perry and Jason Priestley after a heated fight in the parking lot. Don’t worry — Doherty and Garth have made up, and now Garth considers Doherty a close friend. Aww!


TV Drama #7

These onscreen doctors butted heads with their co-stars and the show’s writers.

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'Grey's Anatomy'

Star Ellen Pompeo admitted that things “got crazy” on the set of the ABC medical drama. Katherine Heigl, Isaiah Washington, and T.R. Knight all left the show under less-than-friendly circumstances, something that Pompeo blamed on “huge paychecks” and “instant success.” Heigl broke her contract to star in films, and Washington was ousted from the series after using a gay slur in an on-set confrontation. Knight was unhappy with his character and felt that there was a “breakdown in communication” between him and creator Shonda Rhimes, which prompted him to exit. Sorry, Seattle Grace, but it looks like the Grey’s Anatomy set might be the most dramatic workplace after all.


TV Drama #8

The cast of this HBO show didn’t always see eye to eye.

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'Sex and the City'

It’s disappointing that a show that depicts such strong female friendship had so many rumors about “catfights” behind the scenes. Even more unfortunate? That one of the co-stars confirmed that the alleged fight was at least partially based on fact. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall allegedly had a falling out when the latter learned that she made considerably less than Parker on the HBO series. Parker and Cynthia Nixon confirmed that there were times when certain cast members feelings got hurt on set, though both insist that the truth about their “feud” wasn’t nearly as extreme as the rumors made it out to be.