After All That Colbert Fuss, Daft Punk Didn't Even Perform At the MTV VMAs

The Internet was abuzz earlier this month when Stephen Colbert revealed on his Comedy Central series, The Colbert Report, that Daft Punk had turned down headlining his "StePhest Colbchella" because MTV didn't want them appearing on any other networks ahead of their surprise VMA appearance. But it looks like all that fuss was for, well, nothing: As those who tuned in last night know, Daft Punk did appear at the MTV VMAs, but they didn't seem to really do much. No song performances, no presenting, nothing — in fact, all they really did was just sort of... stand there.

To be fair, the French electronic music duo were never scheduled to perform their unofficial song of the summer, "Get Lucky," at the VMAs, but after Colbert unceremoniously spoiled their appearance, it seemed likely that they'd at least do something in the show. Like... ride around on unicycles wearing crazy helmets for all we care. Just something other than standing behind Taylor Swift while she accepts yet another MTV VMA award!

It's not clear if their performance was perhaps axed after Colbert ruined the surprise, or what — but the bottom line is that, after all that talk, nothing happened. What was the point of MTV barring them from appearing on The Colbert Report in the first place?

At the very least, their dropping out of the show did pave the way for this wonderful little segment: