Her Wedding Dress Did NOT Disappoint

Ah, celebrity wedding dress hype. It just never gets old. Especially when we're talking about the Clooney-Alamuddin wedding, which ranks high in all categories of high-profile wedding hype. Amal Alamuddin wore a wedding dress designed by Oscar de la Renta as she married George Clooney in Venice today. Let the citizens of the world throw their hands up in celebration... The eternal bachelor has officially been un-bachelored! Huzzah!!

The actor and the human rights lawyer were joined on their special day by a crowd of well-wishers including Matt Damon, Cindy Crawford, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and Anna Wintour. Her dress was an absolutely gorgeous, cream-colored gown covered in lace and embroidery. The Daily Mail reports that Alamuddin was seen leaving Sarah Burton's bridal salon in early September, sparking rumors that the McQueen creative director would be designing her wedding dress. While Alamuddin did wear McQueen to some pre-wedding events, Oscar de la Renta ultimately won out for the most important gown of the evening — and to utterly stunning results.

According to People, constant obtainer of all first official celebrity wedding photos, de la Renta personally attended each fitting, ensuring that Mrs. Clooney's gown was to utmost perfection. Alamuddin paired the flawless gown with a floor-length veil and understated pearl earrings.

On Friday at her bachelorette party, the international human rights lawyer wore a McQueen creation which fell into the category of "extremely classy mullet dresses." As she embarked on a water taxi, Alamuddin paired a crimson and black silk gown sporting a high-low hem with black stilettos. She looks gorgeous and all, but something tells me this ensemble isn't advisable for a water taxi. Precarious footwear, luxury fabrics, and the possibility of capsizing don't really mix well. However, I'd be decidedly enthused to see this ensemble topped off with a balloon headdress fashioned to look like a vagina. As is appropriate headwear for all bachelorette parties.

All in all, I'd say this was one of the best dressed celebrity weddings we've ever seen. Well done, Clooneys.