Clinton Continues Work to Help Outside Politics

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative America Conference today in Chicago, Hillary Clinton announced she's joining her family's charitable organization. (She's been doing other things, I guess. Fair enough.) The Clinton Foundation has now been renamed the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation as the Clinton women have started to work more closely with the organization. The foundation focuses on global health, wellness, and economies, as well as protecting the environment.

"I am thrilled to fully join this remarkable organization that Bill started a dozen years ago, and to call it my home for the work I will be doing," Clinton said at her first major public appearance in five months.

In her remarks, Clinton said she will be working directly with three causes; early childhood development, opportunities for women and girls, and economic development.

Clinton jokingly said it was no surprise that she's focusing on expanding opportunities for women, and that "when women participate in politics, the effects ripple out across society.”

To conclude her speech, Clinton emphasized the importance of working hard and overcoming "the lines that divide us." When this happens, "We can take on any challenge we confront," she said.

Image: Getty Images