Where Is Lane's Dad on 'Gilmore Girls'? He Could Be Lost in the Abyss or 6 Other Places

October has come and with it the best gift we could ever hope to receive: every season of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Move over, pumpkin spice lattes, black coffee is trending now that Rory and Lorelai Gilmore are back in our lives. I have actively been waiting for this day since I joined Netflix in 2007. It only took seven years, but it's here and you probably won't hear from me for a month while I binge watch the show. But as much as I love the show, one thing that's always annoyed me about Gilmore Girls is the fact that we have absolutely no idea who or where Lane's father is. Come on, Amy Sherman-Palladino, give us at least a little information on the guy.

In the beginning of the series, they mention Lane's father. He is, in fact, a real person. He's still married to Mrs. Kim, because Lane often says "parents," not "mother." However, his whereabouts are never mentioned. He's a ghost! No really though, there isn't even a surprise appearance when Lane marries Zack. You would think he would at least show up for his daughter's big day. After consulting my research, the question of where he was has never been answered by Amy Sherman-Palladino. At one point on the show, Lane even gets out of a car and a guy is driving her, but they don't show him. Way to be cryptic, Gilmore Girls.

In any case, I've decided there are a number of possible places Mr. Kim could have been hiding all this time.


He was probably lost in all the furniture. Also used as an antique shop, their house was an abyss of crap. So would it really be surprising if Mr. Kim was lost somewhere in the mess?


He could be hiding with Lane's banned rock and roll albums.


Lane's mom was incredibly mean, like, 98 percent of the time. I bet once he realized that, he hopped on a plane back to Korea. In fact, he was probably hiding in Lane's giant suitcase.


Maybe, like Kirk, he had a bunch of odd jobs around town and we just never noticed him because every time we saw him, he was working a new job.


That woman probably likes some weird stuff in bed. Maybe this whole time she's been Christian Grey-ing him in a red room of pain.


Unfortunately, the common answer and probably the correct one is that he’s probably just working away at a boring job in Stars Hollow.

Images: The WB; Gilmorisms (2), Youvejustbeengilmored/Tumblr