There are a lot of really beautiful tattoos and talented tattoo artists out there… but there are also a lot of tattoo fails so bad that it might make you swear off of ink for good. Don’t believe me? Here’s an infographic that assembles all of ‘em in one handy dandy place: In what might be one of the best advertisements of all time, Laser Away, “hair removal and aesthetic experts” who also offer tattoo removal, has put together a helpful image depicting the eight most regrettable types of tattoos. Ranging from the sort of questionable to the outright awful, it includes such classics as “The Who-Needs-a-Dictionary?”, “The Forehead Billboard,” and “The Joined at the Hip,” all of which prove that a tattoo isn’t something you want to scrimp on or get as a spur-of-the-moment decision. (Although I’ll make an exception for Dax Shepard’s tattoo in honor of Kristen Bell, because it is both classy and adorable. Awww.)

Out of all of the tattoos on this infographic, the one that baffles me the most is "The Selfie Tattoo." I honestly can’t figure out why you would tattoo a picture of yourself on your own body. I guess maybe if you’re suffering from narcissism, it’s the ultimate expression of your obsession with yourself? Or something? Happily, though, it may not actually be a thing. Although for a hot second back in May, it looked like a girl had gotten a tattoo of herself snapping a selfie, it was later revealed that this wasn’t the case: According to Jezebel, the tattoo in question actually appeared on the woman’s ex-boyfriend. They broke up, leading to his understandable desire to remove it. The moral of the story? Do not put a permanent image of your significant other drawn on any part of your anatomy. It's only going to end in tears.

You can check out the full infographic below — although I’d like to add a few more types of regrettable tattoos to the list, courtesy of a variety of Twitter accounts devoted to showcasing the worst ink around. Consider, for example, the close relative of “The Who-Needs-a-Dictionary?” known as “The Homophone":

“The Questionable Product Placement”:

“The Definitely Not Infringing on Anyone’s Copyright”:

And “The B-Movie”:

Snakes on a Plane? Seriously? Facepalm.

Image: Courtesy LaserAway

Images: LaserAway