In Other News: Assange Rapping, The Straight Years, And Pastafarians

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Here's a cheery opener: If Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling by October, chances are America won't be able to pay its bills at the end of the year.

After a lengthy battle, a Texan man has won the right to pose for his driver's license photograph with a colander on his head. Eddie Castillo joins a small group of other Pastafarians who have fought to wear colanders as hats at the DMV, but is the first to win the battle to do so.

Why is the U.S. experiencing crippling levels of mental illness? According to Salon, it might be because we're all checked out of our everyday lives.

Donald Trump is fighting accusations that Trump University is essentially a scam every step of the way.

This promising blood test might be able to detect ovarian cancer at its earliest stages. Almost three-quarters of cases aren't diagnosed until it's too late.

Researchers looked into how a person's attachment style affects how they stalk their romantic partners on Facebook. Really. Surprise of the day: those who had anxious-attachment styles tended to creep on their partners far more.

McDonald's is adding a new item to its menu: chicken wings! You can get your Mighty Wings from Sept. 9 onwards.

Are e-cigarettes safe? Well, less so than you thought, anyway: new research shows they contain significant levels of carcinogenic chemicals.

This touching Facebook post, "Marriage Advice I Wish I'd Had," has gone viral. It's been shared more than 110,00 times.

The hilarious "Straight Years Project" featured the gay community holding up photographs of themselves during their "Straight Years:"

Are introverts and the Internet a match made in heaven?

Here's a YouTube video straight out of Australia, featuring WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a tank top, kinda rapping, wearing a wig, and then opera singing his way to electoral glory. You really need to see this.

thejuicemedia on YouTube

You can watch a comforting video here of a shark walking across the sea floor. Gulp.

And finally, BuzzFeed has put together this brilliant-beyond-words compilation of Miley Cyrus animatedly twerking on famous paintings.