CT Shares Touching Photo of Himself & Diem

by Lia Beck

If you're a fan of the Real World or any of its spinoffs, you've likely heard of Chris "CT" Tamburello and Diem Brown. The pair appeared on several seasons of The Challenge together and dated off and on. While at times it has been unclear whether the two were still involved romantically, their close bond has always been apparent and that remains clear to this day. Case in point, CT posted a photo of himself visiting Diem in the hospital on Instagram on Monday showing the strength of their friendship and calling for support for Diem and her charity during this difficult time.

As you may know, the reality star battled ovarian cancer twice in the past, and in August was diagnosed with colon cancer. There was also cancer found in her stomach lining and the reality star had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy. Due to complications from that surgery, she had to go into surgery again a couple days later.

Diem is in the hospital now for another issue that arose due to her cancer diagnosis. According to People, the Real World alum checked into the hospital on Thursday "after doctors discovered a blockage in her kidneys." Diem told the magazine, "I was so frustrated that it seems my body keeps throwing me curve balls over and over. It's hard to keep your spirit and your mind positive ... But I'm glad we are catching these curve balls and fixing them, one by one."

In the photo CT posted of the two in the hospital, he gives a call to action for fans to support Diem's charity, Med Gift. The photo gives an honest look at her situation and shows the value of support from loved ones to patients and his caption reads,

Sometimes just being there for someone can be the difference between a good and bad day. @diembrown could definitely use a few... Please goto her support page: www.medgift.com/diemsnextchallenge #medgift

Med Gift is a website Diem created when she was battling ovarian cancer and it serves as a way for friends, family, and any other generous folks to donate money to a person who needs assistance with medical bills. Now that she is going through cancer again, her family has created a Med Gift page for her. Diem's family wrote on her page,

It feels strange having to create this Diem support page on the very site she’s dedicated the past 7 years of her life building. Diem has always been a strong candidate for her own page, but she never wanted the focus of MedGift to be about her obstacles ... As you now know, Diem has been diagnosed with Cancer yet again. She has endured several physically and mentally traumatic surgeries over the past few days and is now in stable condition at a hospital in New York City. Diem will remain there for the next few weeks and then begin the journey once again, through chemo and more operations to kick this disease once and for all! Her friends and I created this page to keep all of you informed.

If you'd like to view Diem's page or donate to her cause, please visit her Med Gift page here.

Image: theofficial_ct/Instagram