‘Gone Girl’ Star Casey Wilson Is Great in the Film & It’s Not Her Only Exciting New Project

When a beloved comedy is unfairly cut down in its prime, fans can only hope that either the show gets a second life (think Arrested Development on Netflix) or that the cast gets a second shot at having their talents recognized (see: pretty much the entire Freaks and Geeks ensemble). While Happy Endings is likely gone from our televisions forever (so not caaaa-yute), we can at least take comfort in knowing that things have worked out for the show's very own Penny Hartz. Actress/writer Casey Wilson is having a stellar 2014 so far, not only in her personal life (she wed Happy Endings creator David Caspe back in May), but on-screen as well. Wilson appears in the blockbuster-in-the-making thriller Gone Girl, which opens just 11 days before the debut of her new sitcom Marry Me . This truly is the Year of Casey.

While Marry Me looks like it has all the makings of an equal parts hilarious and sweet can't-miss comedy and Wilson has proven herself as one of the funniest ladies in Hollywood (your loss, SNL), Gone Girl truly allows her to show off her range of talent. In the film Wilson plays Noelle the nosy, outspoken neighbor and best friend of the missing girl in question, Amy (Rosamund Pike). It's a tricky role to play, as Noelle is something of a punchline and a pawn, but she's also a character we feel familiar with, and Wilson pulls it off with flying colors. In a film packed with surprising, effective performances from unexpectedly great casting choices (David Fincher sure knows how to cast a movie), Wilson is no exception. She'll stun audiences — in the best way possible.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Can't wait to see Wilson in Gone Girl and Marry Me? Allow her crack you up in the hilarious Glitter episode of one of my personal favorite podcasts, How Did This Get Made? or watch her in a recent episode of Drunk History . Simply ah-ma-zing.

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