Her "All About That Bass" Makeup Look

by Rosie Narasaki

Earlier this week, when I was haphazardly screenshotting "All About That Bass" for my headband tutorial (yep, I spend my weekends doing DIY projects whilst binge-watching Ugly Betty on Netflix — it's like I'm practically Zooey Deschanel or something), I couldn't help but notice just how rad Meghan Trainor's makeup is. Her eyebrows are pencilled into ultra-expressive perfection, her mega lashes are stunning, and her retro winged liner adds a lovely (and thematically appropriate) touch. I could wax poetic for pages, but I'll curtail myself before I start to sound too creepy.

Anyway, 'tis the season for beauty tutorials: After all, you're going to need an in on this makeup look in order to get properly ready for your "All About That Bass"-inspired Halloween costume. It was actually pretty simple — very classic with a twist. And hey, it's nothing we haven't seen before: the eyeliner shape is slightly reminiscent of Lena Dunham's Emmy look and the cut-crease lite eyeshadow actually looks a whole lot like a toned down version of Megan Draper's signature eye makeup. So let's break it all the way down.

The Face

  • Foundation: I used my customary Koh Gen Doh Moisture Foundation, and applied by patting on with my fingers (because I'm too cheap to buy a Beauty Blender... shh).
  • Concealer: I concealed my undereye area with Rimmel's Match Perfection Concealer.
  • Blush: I used my girliest blush: The Balm in Cabana Boy, a rich plummy pink. Oh, and I applied to the apples of my cheeks for that doll-like look.
  • Brows: To get Trainor's brow look, keep your arch rather low, and add just a smidge of length to both ends of your brows. It's not quite as dramatic as some of the straight-across brows you see in South Korea, but then again, it's not your typical, crazy high-arched Cara Delevingne look either.

The Eyeshadow

See? She's rocking some serious crease eyeshadow! Find your socket line, and sweep back and forth with a cool, dark brown. Soften the look by dusting on a taupe shadow onto the rest of the lid, like so:

Oh, and also — while you have your eyeshadow out, add some highlight to your inner corners. And don't forget to blend!

The Eyeliner

Draw a thick wing that extends from the outer corner of your eye, up towards the eyeshadow you just placed in your crease — don't be afraid to go a little dramatic with the line. Then, using the excess liner on your brush, trace the outer two thirds of your lower lid. After finishing up with the liner, I went over it all with a little gunmetal/black eyeshadow in order to set, blend, and add depth.

The Lashes

This look clearly calls for very dramatic falsies, perhaps like the ones below:

However, I lost my lash glue, and had to stick to mascara. If you — like me — forego the falsies, make sure to use a volumizing formula, and pile on coats like there's no tomorrow.

The Lips

I absolutely love the lip color Trainor's wearing in her video — it's ultra-sweet fuchsia mixed with just a touch of purple to give it some edge. The closest match I had was Maybelline Vivids in Fuchsia Flash, though in actuality I think Fuchsia Flash's sister color, the slightly darker/purpler Hot Plum, would be a better fit.

And done! Now, all you need is your flowered headband.

Images: YouTube; Rosie Narasaki (4)