All You Need To Be Meghan Trainor This Halloween

Meghan Trainor is about as It as it gets these days — "All About That Bass" is currently number one and playing on the radio all but non-stop, she's making headlines all over the place (for everything from her awesome "Shake It Off" cover to her decidedly less awesome statement that she doesn't consider herself a feminist), and her new song "Dear Future Husband" is already gaining tons of traction. You know what that all means? It's totally time for a Meghan Trainor-inspired Halloween costume.

Right? Right? And hey, she's made it relatively easy for you: her looks in "All About That Bass" all fit a very specific aesthetic — so, as long as you stick to the pastel retro-inspired duds (with the adorable factor turned up to 11), you should be golden.

Pretty much golden, at any rate — there's one other essential you'll be needing, besides those fit-and-flare sky blue jumpers and cotton candy-colored cardigans (complete with a sparkly clip): a flowered headband, of course! Luckily, it's just about the easiest DIY project I've ever done (and it should be noted that I pretty much exclusively do really easy DIY projects — because, lazy). Anyway, all you need is some fake flowers (preferrably pink and white), a headband, and a glue gun!

I know that her hairband has roses, but the pickings at the 99 Cent Store were pretty slim, so I got one bunch of faux carnations and one of faux roses.

Next, cut the flowers as close to the top as you can.

Line them up with your hairband, so you can plan out the placement.

I seriously considered stopping the tutorial here, because as I mentioned earlier, I'm hella lazy. But for your sake, I soldiered on! Anyway, here's where the glue gun comes in — after you've planned the placement and made sure everything's evenly spaced apart/centered, dab a bead of hot glue to the hairband. Press the fake flower into the glue and hold it until it sets — then repeat five more times. Quick note: don't be shy with the glue, or else the flowers might fall off (I speak from experience here).

And done!

Not quite as fabulous as Meghan's, but seeing as it cost $3 plus tax and took about 15 minutes to make? I've got no complaints.

I thought about modeling it for you (along with my pink hair streaks, of course), but my dog is much more photogenic than moi.

She sat like patience on a monument (except not really, she kept taking it off with her paws). Add a robin's egg blue background and she could totally have been taken straight out of the "All About That Bass" music video, right?

Images: YouTube; Rosie Narasaki (5)