7 Movies To Watch With Your Best Friend

Some movies shouldn't be watched alone. Sometimes, because they're sad, and watching a sad movie alone will probably make you even more sad, but other times because some movies are just better with friends. Quoting every line from Mean Girls out loud is kind of weird if you're alone, but a million times more fun with a friend. DUH. If adult lady friendship sleepovers were a thing (which I guess they are, only now there's wine involved) these are the movies that would be on the must-watch list for the evening. And now this makes me want to plan a Taylor Swift-level adult lady friendship sleepover. Subtract the pillow fights. Add the wine. Keep adding the wine.

A truly best friend is one that you can just hang out with on the couch eating pizza and nerding out on a Harry Potter marathon with, without fear of nerd-judgement, enjoying each others company while doing absolutely nothing at all. The next time you and the BFF are chilling, scrolling through Netflix or flipping through the channels for something to watch during your cronut binge, here are some excellent titles made for bonding and friend-time that will make you laugh, cry, and revel in your friend-love:


Aside from being THE definitive high school movie, Clueless is the perfect movie to watch with friends who want to bond and take in the 90s flashback.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is way too good to be pidgeon-holed in category of cheesy friendship movie, BUT, it is also a really sweet and cheesy friendship movie, among other things (like being the movie of that defined A GENERATION.)


For the endearingly awkward pari of BFFs. Also this movie is just hilarious for everyone.


The 1988 Bette Midler comedy-drama about two best friends who stay together through the good times and bad, which is all I can say without giving away the ending which WILL make you cry, even if you're determined not to.

I Love You, Man

Never gets old. NEVER.

Legally Blonde

This movie was a shining moment for friendship movies.

Thelma and Louise

The original movie for BFFLs.

Image: MGM Studios