5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Impossible To Mess Up, From Simple Black Cat To Bettie Page To Dressing As A "Lawsuit"

If you're tight on time or resources and have a full slate of Halloween parties on the docket this autumn season, take a deep breath for a second. Chillax. Don't throw a hissy fit or push the freakout button. There are plenty of easy Halloween costumes that you can draft from items you either a.) probably already own, or b.) can nab from a quick trip to the thrift shop, where you can pop some tags and show off your artsy, crafty side.

You can also dig out some items that are buried in the back of your closet that you forgot you even own, and dress them up or down with some other pieces for your costume. Either way, there's no need to shell out wads of cash or go nuts. You don't even need to go crazy with the Halloween makeup. Instead, go crazy easy with your costume and attire.

These are five insanely simple Halloween costumes that are just as creative as they are time-saving. From Bettie Page, who was impossibly sexy, to dressing up as a "lawsuit," a cheeky, too-clever-for-the-room idea that I cribbed from Denzel Washington in Philadelphia, there's something here for just about everybody.

Are you ready for a fun and easy Halloween costume? Yeah, you are. These definitely aren't over-the-top, but they certainly aren't basic, either. They probably won't win you any awards for coolest or best costume, but they also won't leave you feeling under-dressed for one of the greatest holidays of the season.


This is super sexy, but can easily be created with affordable pieces and items already in your possesh. A wig with curled baby bangs ($12.99, halloweencostumes.com), a corseted dress ($19.99, amazon.com), patent leather pumps ($50, nordstromrack.com), and fishnets ($9.99, express.com), along with red lipstick and nail polish, equal instant pinup girl.


Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Grab a basic rumpled suit in a neutral hue from your local thrift haunt, which should cost you maybe $20, tops. Head to Staples or Office Depot and grab some rental contracts and other generic legal template forms, and hot-glue them to the suit. BOOM! Instant lawsuit. Cheap, a little unexpected, and totally easy. Your receipts should total $40, max.


If you are in a pinch, have procrastinated too long, and don't mind being a little basic for Halloween (like black cat basic), then you're in luck. This already easy costume gets even more simple when you toss on a pair of black leggings you probably already own ($12, kohls.com), a long-sleeved black tee ($29.95, gap.com), ballet flats ($14.99, target.com), and a cat ear headband ($6.80, hottopic.com). Easy, but classic. Meow.


Dig out a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans (which I know you have in your closet), a thrifted flannel or one cribbed from your dad, and a pair of tan Tims-like worker boots. Throw on a borrowed tool belt or even a makeup artist's pouch, fill with a borrowed screwdriver or two, and you're dunzo.


You can totally do this look with one trip to the mall. Pick up a pro-athlete replica jersey of your choice, white cropped leggings which you may already own (or can get for $20, modcloth.com), athletic trainers, and black gel liner for smudging under your eyes, and voila! Good to freakin' go. Score!

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