22 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Search for "easy" or "last-minute" Halloween costumes on Pinterest and you'll turn up a loooot of sexy cats, sexy cat-burglars and sewing projects only a Mormon mommy-blogger would deem DIY. If you want a costume that requires little-to-no advance planning and also covers your upper thighs, you're pretty much left to your own imagination. Or this post! I'm not saying these are the best low-effort, DIY costumes—But maybe they might jump-start your imagination. And if not? Just put on a wig. No one questions a girl in a wig.

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by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Theme Marathon Runner

Put on your workout clothes and tape a number to your stomach. Boom: You're a marathon runner! Take it one step further by adding glitter, face-paint and novelty socks and pretending to be someone in one of those ridiculous theme races.

Image: Pug Father via Flickr

Frida Kahlo

Just put on your brightest dress, draw in the unibrow and stick a few flowers in your hair. Bonus points if you have a monkey.

Image: libbyrosof via Flickr

Winona Ryder in 'Reality Bites'

If you've got brown hair, a red shirt and round glasses, you can go as Winona Ryder in Reality Bites. Bonus if you go around acting whiny and entitled all night long.

Image: Facebook

Janeane Garafalo in 'Reality Bites'

Red lipstick, awesome sunglasses and a baby-doll dress and you're Janeane Garafalo's Reality Bites alter-ego. With the 90s so hot right now, you can probably find all this stuff at Forever 21.

Image: Facebook

A Person in a Cut-Out Skull T-Shirt

Take an old t-shirt and cut it into an creepy scull face. It says: I'm not really trying, but I do have fine motor skills.

Image and DIY tutorial: via Desire and Inspire

Elaine from 'Seinfeld'

Put your first job interview suit (or any terrible 90s leftovers) to good use as Seinfeld's Elaine.

Image: NBC

Kerry Washington in 'Scandal'

It helps if you have a long white coat, but all you really need is some tailored business attire to pull off Scandal's Olivia Pope.

Image: ABC

80s Pat Benatar

Do you have an ill-thought-out Urban Outfitters or American Apparel purchase from the past few years? Chances are you can make it into a badass Pat Benatar costume. Just be sure to get the snarl down right.


Step 1. Buy a mask. The end. If you're feeling ambitious, you could try holding an anti-Scientology sign.

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Rahman Roslan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

James Dean

The Gloss suggests you find a red windbreaker, add jeans and a white tee and slick back your hair and you're James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause.

Image: Cinemascope

A Yogi

Throw on some yoga pants, a sports bra and a tank-top (bonus points if it's neon) and you can go as a yogi. This gives you a good opportunity to go around stretching and doing poses all night, if you're into that sort of thing. Plus you get to go barefoot all night, which is a worthy goal in any Halloween costume.

Image: lululemon athletica via Flickr

A Pumpkin

On Halloween, anything orange and black reads as pumpkin. Throw together whatever orange and black clothing you've got, and top it off with some pretty pretty pumpkin-esque makeup. Sam Escobar (pictured here) has a nice pumpkin makeup tutorial at the gloss.

Coachella Attendee

If you're too self-respecting to wear a superfluous headband, bandeau top and 37 bangles at the same time in real life, do it on Halloween!

Image: Flickr

Annie Hall

Borrow your boyfriend/brother/dad's tie and vest, put on some khaki's and you're Woody Allen's most famous heroine.

Image: United Artists

A Down Marker

Costume idea via my lovely little sister. All you need is different colors of felt (pro tip: the headpiece will, however, make getting in and out of cars difficult).


Put on an old prom dress, flip your hair at the ends, do some glam make-up and make this face all night.

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Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wendy Davis

Red, white & blue + big hair and you're the badass Texas gubernatorial candidate.

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Stewart F. House/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Kermit the Frog

Draw eyeballs on two ping-pong balls and attach them to the top of a headband. After that, a green turtleneck or some green bunting around your neck are all you need. Blogger Rad Megan offers a great tutorial.

Image: kipbrin via Flickr

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A Ballerina

Break out old ballet shoes or just go the tights and leg-warmers route. Add a leotard and a hoodie (bonus for an off-one-shoulder sweatshirt) and you're an off-duty ballerina.

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A Givenchy Glitter Model

Glitter up your face and go as one of the models from Givenchy's 2013 Paris Fashion Week show.

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Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tina Belcher from 'Bob's Burgers'

All you need for Bob's Burgers' Tina Belcher is a blue shirt and some black-rimmed glasses. Consider it an aughts take on your old Daria standby.

Image: FOX

Angela or Rayann from 'My So-Called Life'

Because who doesn't want an excuse to wear flannel on Halloween?

Image: MTV