Their First Wedding Photo Is Beyond Gorgeous

Were there any holdout George Clooney fans still refusing to believing that he got married in Italy to Amal Alamuddin over the course of a four-day ceremony? I mean, don't we live in a generation where the motto is "pictures or it didn't happen"? Just look at how skeptical I was of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin's relationship because there were no pictures. However, let me issue a blanket apology to those who were happily living in denial, because the Italian wedding happened. Not only that, but we finally have our first photos of Clooney and Alamuddin's wedding and they are simply radiant.

The first photo, which forms the cover of the next issue of People, is only the first of the 25 photos that the magazine exclusively acquired from the wedding of the year. The second photo will be the cover of the next issue of Hello! magazine. According to People's report, Alamuddin's mother was quoted as saying, "George and Amal radiated love all night. The wedding was so unbelievably special, it was legendary. These three days — the friends, the families, the atmosphere, everything — will stay with me all the rest of my life."

We also got special insights into the ceremony, such as the fact that the couple had their first dance to "Why Shouldn't I?" by Cole Porter and had "Always" by Irving Berlin sung for them during the ceremony. Sadly, I assume everyone reading this was not among the 100 guests in attendance at the wedding, but at least there are seven interesting facts about it that we can glean just from looking at these photos.

  1. This wedding was more expensive than anything you'll buy in your life. I mean, on top of the expenses of getting married in Italy to begin with, Clooney was wearing an Armani suit and Alamuddin was wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress. You may as well just melt down hundred dollar bills and wear that.
  2. They really were radiating love. It's easy enough to take Alamuddin's mother's word for it, but just looking at this photograph shows a level of adoration that you really can't just make up for the purposes of a photo shoot. L is for the way you look at me, indeed.
  3. Matt Damon was present and rocking a bow tie. This is incredibly important knowledge, because I've often wondered if Damon was more of a tie or a bow tie kind of fellow. Now we know for sure.
  4. Their cake looked like Christmas presents. Look at that thing. It just looks like a bunch of Christmas presents stacked on top of each other. I wouldn't have known whether to eat it or open it or both. This is not a complaint.
  5. Alamuddin's lipstick game is strong. That deep shade of red adds such pop to her otherwise pale dress and bouquet. Whoever did her hair and make up was on point.
  6. Clooney made good use of all that tequila. I mean, I'm not saying the glasses that the celebrity guests are holding necessarily have alcohol in them or that the alcohol is necessarily tequila. I'm just making an educated guess based on the fact that 100 cases aren't easy to get rid of.
  7. Going to this wedding would have been a better way to spend your weekend than whatever you actually did last weekend. Or is it just me who feels that way? Impossible.

Check out the first photos below.

Image: People; Hello!; ryzixexaguze, usweekly/Twitter