Her Fourth "Date" with Chris Martin Is Impossible

As much fun as it is to try and wrap our minds around this whole Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin relationship thing, I'm starting to believe that it might be time that we just let it go. Rumors of Lawrence and Martin's relationship have been going on for almost a month and they've gone on four very public dates so far without a single picture of the two of them anywhere together hitting the Internet. I was willing to overlook that, or even make pictures of Lawrence and Martin together myself, because vineyards and dinners aren't exactly wildly public and their people could have paid a lot of coin to keep those camera phones at bay. However, date number four occurred when Lawrence attended a Coldplay concert on Wednesday and you're telling me that no one took any pictures? At a concert? Yeah, okay.

To be fair, Lawrence hasn't really been seen much since those leaked nude photos of Lawrence and other celebrities hit the Internet. We've heard the stories of the legal action she's been taking, but we haven't seen much of Lawrence herself. That's what makes these rumors so easy to believe. We haven't had any pictures of Lawrence anywhere to contradict any of these stories about the dates she and Martin have been quietly having behind all of our backs.

It's also worth noting that Lawrence isn't exactly forthcoming with details about her personal life, unless it involves eating or going to the bathroom. She and Nicholas Hoult weren't the heavy PDA type and while they were as comfortable in their relationship as you would expect two young stars to be, they weren't Instagramming themselves holding hands every other week or anything like that. But despite how private they were, we still have loads of pictures of the two of them together and not just ones that come from events they attended together. We have pictures of Lawrence and Hoult playing basketball together and not a single picture of Lawrence at a Coldplay concert? We even have pictures of Harry Styles exiting the Coldplay concert and still none of Lawrence, that's how suspicious this is.

Then there's the fact that every single thing we know about Lawrence and Martin's relationship comes from sources, up to and including what other people think of their relationship. A "source" revealed that Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't jealous of Martin and Lawrence, even though (a) no one was asking that question and (b) she herself is already in a rumored relationship post-split from Martin. Honestly, all of this would make so much more sense if Lawrence and Martin were having private, indoor dates that explained Lawrence's general absence from the Hollywood scene but every date that we've heard about has been in a very large, very public area with lots of people who apparently didn't want a picture of Lawrence or Martin that day.

All I'm saying is, Lawrence and Martin need to be photographed soon if this ongoing story expects to become an actual fact. The more dates they go on in public, the more I expect to see photographs of the event. There are a million and one photographs available of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone walking but Lawrence and Martin have never been photographed in the same place at the same time. At this point, we can't even be sure if they've ever met, although the story of Martin and Lawrence meeting after a Coldplay concert is severely adorable. It's nice that they've come full circle with date number four.

I hate to be that person calling for the invasion of celebrity privacy, even though it's kind of my whole job, but this is the kind of story that literally has to be seen to be believed. What if Martin and Lawrence as a couple sounds so unbelievable to us because it's not actually happening? What if this is some bizarre form of promotion for Mockingjay (is Coldplay on the soundtrack perhaps)? What if this was a story concocted to distract us from the leaked nude picture scandal? What if they're just trolling us? If it's the latter, it's definitely working.

I sincerely hope that Lawrence and Martin are as happy together as all of the rumors keep claiming they are, but as a frequent attendee of concerts myself I just find this latest story a little hard to believe. I've never been to a concert that I didn't film all or part of, or that didn't have pictures come out later, and the fact that Lawrence could show up and be seen by people who didn't take any pictures and post them anywhere is just completely outlandish. If they are dating, then their fourth date couldn't have been at something as public as a Coldplay concert. We don't live in the kind of world where you can get away with that without being immortalized on the Internet forever, okay?

Image: inthelandofgifs/Tumblr; Rebloggy (2)