Stumped For Halloween? Try DisneyBound!

Have you heard of DisneyBound? Well, if you haven't, you're in for a total treat: Founded by Leslie Kay in 2011, the DisneyBound site features hundreds upon hundreds of super-easy to replicate Disney-inspired costumes. Kay originally started the site as a way to prepare for a trip to Disneyland (hence the name "DisneyBound"), but it quickly grew into something of a phenomenon — she even has an ongoing collaboration going with Cakeworthy, where she's designed everything from beanies emblazoned with the word "Neverland" to shirts that offer a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of Coach's logo.

If you can name a character, chances are she's DisneyBounded it — meaning, she's put together a carefully curated Polyvore photoset of all of the easy-to-find, affordable items you'll need to get your point across. She also has multiple outfits for each character — so you can go to Coachella decked out as a fringed purse-carrying, ice blue Wayfarer-wearing Elsa from Frozen, or you could go to the gym to work out all dolled up in an Anna-inspired outfit — the options are basically limitless.

It's a great resource, with Halloween right around the corner: it's kind of the lazy pop culture aficionados dream. So if you're feeling a little lost for ideas this Halloween, here are some of her cutest ideas:


You can't go wrong Cinderella — and the silver, glitter-encrusted ballet flats are an especially nice touch.

Mary Poppins

I credit my college roommate for telling me about this site, and Mary Poppins was her absolute favorite character. I know I overuse this phrase, but come on, it's right there: this ensemble is practically perfect in every way.

The Princess Diaries

Mia Thermopolis is the perfect throwback costume (I know I'm 23, but I'm still a huge fan of the Princess Diaries — the movie and the 10-book series).


If you're a little too lazy to attempt to build your own Anna costume, this is a perfectly lovely alternative.


I have a total soft spot in my heart for Mulan (come on, as a little Asian American girl, my love for her was all but preordained), and this is a fun way to steal her look without getting complicated at the fabric store.


Did I mention that Disney Bound has the absolute cutest couples costume ideas? You kind of can't go wrong as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

The Little Mermaid

Oh, and if villains are more your style, this epic take on Ursula has you covered.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

How about anti-heros? These Jack Skellington-inspired duds are fab enough for the fabbest of us all.

Minnie Mouse

Oh, come now: you can't go wrong with the classics.

Images: DisneyBound/Tumblr; misswestend/Instagram