Tracy Morgan Responds to Walmart Blaming Him

It's still stunning that Walmart is choosing to use the defense of blaming Tracy Morgan for sustaining injuries in the deadly crash with a Walmart truck that nearly took his life and took the life of his friend, comedian James "Jimmy Mack" McNair. Morgan is still recovering from his injuries, and yet, Walmart is responding to his lawsuit for an accident that nearly killed him by saying it's his fault for not wearing a seatbelt? Consider my casual dislike of Walmart upgraded to full-on hatred. In response to Walmart's defense, Tracy Morgan has released a statement condemning the corporation, whilst also maintaining that he and the other passengers in his vehicle were not to blame for the injuries:

After I heard what Walmart said in court I felt I had to speak out. I can't believe Walmart is blaming me for an accident that they caused. My friends and I were doing nothing wrong. I want to thank my fans for sticking with me during this difficult time. I love you all. I'm fighting hard every day to get back.

Morgan's limo was hit by a Walmart tractor-trailer this past June after the truck's driver, Kevin Roper, was reported to have not slept in over 24 hours. While the lawsuit and who was truly at fault is a difficult case to break down, it seems unfair and downright disrespectful to blame Morgan for nearly losing his life, and for losing his good friend.

Walmart has not yet released a statement in response to Morgan's comments.