You Can Make 11 Costumes From The Same 12 Items

As you know, I'm the queen of getting crafty with my Halloween costumes. Not only are my friends not big on dressing up, but Halloween is often a several-night affair. I couldn't be more excited that the holiday falls on a Friday this year, but buying a Halloween costume for Wednesday and Thursday (and potentially Saturday) too? No thanks. Because my credit card bill is definitely more trick and less treat around the start of the holiday season, I've learned to get creative.

The first place I go for inspiration? My closet. These days, it's totally cool to go with a costume that, when deconstructed, can work for everyday life. So why not put your favorite clothes to use? There are some things most of us already have in our wardrobes, and these staples are often the best place to start. Plus, they're great because even if you don't own them already, you can buy them without feeling like you'll never wear the pieces again. For example, a black skirt is the key to so many modern getups, and a you have endless options with a white button-down shirt — I'll prove it to you. Here are 10 (yes, 10) different costumes you can create with 12 pieces you probably already have, plus a few extra details.

The Pieces:

A Black Leather Jacket, $39, Amazon | Colored Pumps, $20, Charlotte Russe | A Statement Necklace, $10 Charming Charlie | A Black Crop Top, $50, Top Shop | A Colored Sports Bra $19, Dicks Sporting Goods | A Black Circle Skirt, $13, H&M | Black Knee Socks, $9, Amazon | White Button Down Shirt, $16, Amazon | Oversized Glasses, $19, ASOS | Black Spandex Shorts, $11, Amazon | White Tank Top, $12, American Eagle | Black Lace Cat Ears, $7, Amazon

1. Risky Business

White Button-Up Shirt + White Tank + Black Spandex Shorts + Ribbed White Socks

Get ready to dance like Tom Cruise in this classic movie-inspired costume. If you're feeling real risky, you can wear straight-up whitey-tighties in place of the black spandex shorts — but a word of wisdom: your costume may get mistaken for "the morning after." (No, that's never happened to me! *cough, cough*)

2. Anna Wintour

Colored Pumps + Oversized Sunglasses + Statement Necklace + Shift Dress

Or, Miranda Priestly. Take your pick. Either way, this is the ultimate power woman costume. Carry around an issue of Vogue for a little added clarity and pin your hair under to create a makeshift bob. Whatever you do, do not take those sunglasses off.

3. "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Britney

White Button-Up Shirt + Colored Sports Bra + Black Circle Skirt + Black Knee-High Socks + Grey Cardigan

"Hit Me Baby One More Time" Britney is my favorite Britney, personally. But even so, I definitely thought there was some plaid in this schoolgirl-inspired music video. Obviously, I was mistaken. Style your hair in two braids and fasten with hot pink ribbons to complete the look.

4. Dark Angel

Black Crop Top + Black Circle Skirt + Black Knee-High Socks + Black Angel Wings

You guys, dark angel costumes can cost up to $180 at Halloween costume stores. Um, what? Keep it simple and just buy the black wings to accessorize your fave black clothes with.

5. Mindy Lahiri

White Button-Up Shirt + Black Circle Skirt + Statement Necklace + Colored Pumps + Doctor's Lab Coat

This is the year to dress as everyone's new favorite TV doctor. Bonus points if your colored pumps are hot pink.

6. Modern Masquerade

Black Crop Top + Black Circle Skirt + Colored Pumps + Masquerade Mask

The best thing about this costume? You can repurpose the mask as pretty decor after you're done with it. I've got a black and gold one sitting on my bookshelf.

7. Ariana Grande

Black Crop Top + Black Circle Skirt + Cat Ears + Berry Lip Color

Ariana Grande is undoubtedly this fall's It Girl, which means she'll probably be one of this Halloween's It Costumes (and there are so many ways to channel her style.) Pulling your hair back into Ariana's signature half-up 'do is a must — clip-in extensions add extra volume.

8. Flashdance

Colored Sports Bra + Black Spandex Shorts + Colored Pumps + Black Leg Warmers + Grey Sweatshirt

What a feeeeeelin'! Alex from Flashdance is the ultimate '80s costume, and it's always a hit. If you're feeling brave, cut the neckline of your sweatshirt to make it an off-the-shoulder top. Sweatband and big hair optional (but recommended).

9. Model Off Duty

Black Leather Jacket + White Tank + Oversized Sunglasses + Moto Boots + Black Jeans

Looking at you, Cara Delevingne. I strive to achieve the "model-off-duty" look every day, but I'm really just not cool enough... except on Halloween. For a rebellious-meets-classic touch, wear a pair of Calvin Klein undies and let the iconic waistband show.

10. Sporty Spice

Black Crop Top + Black Spandex Shorts + Colored Sports Bra + Classic Sneakers + Scrunchie

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want! Deciding which Spice Girl to be can be pretty difficult. Posh, Scary, Baby, Ginger... TOO MANY CHOICES. Good news, though: You probably already have everything you need in your closet to be the most badass of them all, Sporty Spice. Peek a colorful sports bra out of your crop top and secure your hair into a bona fide 90's hairstyle with a scrunchie. And if you don't already own those classic Adidas, you now have the perfect excuse to splurge.

11. And, Of Course, A Cat

Black Leather Jacket + Black Crop Top + Black Circle Skirt + Colored Pumps + Cat Ears

What would a Halloween costume roundup post be without this go-to animal ensemble? Not all cat costumes are #basic — a leather jacket gives it a little edge, and fancy cat ears add a little glam.

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