Wanna Be Ariana Grande For Halloween? Here's How

Her hair, her cat ears, and her girly dresses are a big deal. So when considering who or what you are going to be for Halloween this year, consider dressing up like Ariana Grande. No one is hotter in music right now than the mini diva (some say mini Mariah, as in, you know, Carey). And even though rumors of Ariana Grande's diva behavior and antics have spread like wildfire, I can guarantee there are more than a few Arianators and non-Arianators alike who will want to dress up as the singer for Halloween. I mean, why not? Doing so is both crazy fun and crazy easy. All you have to do is master the perfect ponytail, and everything else is cream cheese, to quote Coach Finstock in Teen Wolf (the '80s movie — not the current MTV series).

The good thing about dressing up as Ariana for Halloween is that, save for the half-up, half-down, possibly assisted-by-extensions ponytail, whatever look you copy, you can probably wear the outfit again at another time.

Keep in mind that all Ari costumes automatically include her hair — recreating that impossibly long and thick, up and down 'do is key. Here are some memorable, signature looks that you can crib.


Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

First album-era Ariana Grande, which, let's face it, was just last year, found the singer looking all pretty and presh, with adorbs, doll-like party frocks.

You can achieve this look with a strapless, lacy, and utterly girly black dress ($25, Delias), and black platform pumps that you can get at any department store, Aldo, or Steve Madden boutique. Remember the pony. Live by the pony, die by the pony — but more on that later...


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At the 2014 VMAs, Grande ditched the pretty floral party dresses and white heels that she had been known for in favor of a much edgier leather getup by Moschino that's very easy to duplicate.

Grab a faux leather tube dress ($42, Nordstrom Rack), over-the-knee boots ($48, Lolli Couture), and some red lipstick. BOOM! You're Ariana Grande. It's very vampy and super sexy, and so, so simple.


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This "throwback" look, which dates all the way back to 2013 when Grande's career first began to really take off, mixes schoolgirl with sexy. By pairing angelic white with matte heels, over-the-knee socks, and berry-stained lips, Ariana managed to give a new twist to her usual girly frock style.

A skater skirt ($37, Chicwish), a white cardi ($30, AE), tights ($10, Etsy), Steve Madden plats (which you can nab at any mall), and a berry lipstick from a drugstore are all you need to pull of this Ari look.


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Grande's floral dresses have become a signature for her, as have her white heels.

Hit the mall again and grab a floral skater dress ($14, Charlotte Russe) and white heels. Add another Ari touch with a pristine white mani. For the pumps, I once again recommend Steve Madden, since he offers so much in the way of affordable and re-wearable variety.


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Lately, Grande's cat ear headbands are as ubiquitous as her ponytail and her half-up and half-down 'do. I am wondering if the cat ears are somehow anchored to that pretty little head of hers, since she refuses to take them off. That said, this is another look that is simple to copy.

There are plenty of cat ear headbands you can pop on the top of your noggin. Just put one on, and then proceed to let out your biggest "meow." Remember it's a "meow," not a "roar"; that would be Katy Perry's domain. Going clockwise, you can be furry and glam ($8, Accessorize), or cute with some color ($6, Hot Topic), or simple and subtle ($5, Deb Shops), or total black cat ($6, Hot Topic).


Grande's signature hairstyles are the subject of endless conversation among the fashion and beauty cognoscenti, as well as Arianators. How much of that hair is real? Does it have supernatural powers? Can she power NASA with those strands? Is Apple hiding the secret blueprint and plans for the iPhone 7 in that tangle of tresses?

Whatever the case, that's a lot of hair, and your costume isn't complete without it.

There are tons of wig options to help you construct that half-up, half-down pony with volume, a.k.a Ariana Grande's Hair Work of Art, yo! It's the perfect final touch to complete your Ariana transformation.

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