His 'The Voice' Audition Was Swoon-worthy

Talk about saving the best and the most heartthrob-worthy for last. The judges are starting to run out of spots on their teams, so Tuesday night's The Voice blind auditions pulled out all of the stops for Gwen, Blake, Adam, Pharrell, and all of those Voice fans out there. Crack Barrel-loving, superman-looking Jonathan Wyndham performed "Say Something" on The Voice and everyone fell in love with him. And, no, I don't just mean that all four judges turned their chairs for him, I actually mean everyone. Blake Shelton and all of Twitter are probably wishing they could go on a friend-date to Cracker Barrel right about now.

And I really can't blame them. The 22-year-old singer from Lexington, S.C. took the stage at the end of Tuesday night's two-hour blind auditions and it was blatantly obvious why they saved his performance for last. I mean, his audition was amazing and Great Big World's hit has never sounded so good. But it also doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes and was adorably nervous to perform in front of basically all of his favorite performers (apparently he's been listening to Adam and Gwen since he was 12 years old). And, my sweet musical gods, it was adorable and worthy of all of the future fan-girling that will mark his run on this season of the show.

Not only was Wyndham's performance magical, but he also absolutely won hearts for being remarkably quirky. The singer, who credits music with helping him overcome a childhood speech impediment is on a mission "to hit every Cracker Barrel in the United States." So, basically he's a man after your biscuits and gravy-loving heart. Which makes it hard to believe that he chose Team Adam over Team Blake — which would surely include celebratory dinners at the Cracker Barrel of Wyndham's choice.

Basically, everyone fell in love with this contestant tonight and, as usual, the judges fell all over themselves to get him on their team. Even if you weren't a Team Adam supporter before, you just became one. At least, that's what fans on Twitter are proclaiming.

Even Adam Levine is enamored with Wyndham's talent and the fact that he "looks like Superman." Personally, he had me at calling "Say Something," "one of those songs that help you when words fail." SWOON.

Watch Wyndham's blind audition here:

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC