'Happyland' Takes On Incest

MTV has never failed audiences in supplying some real WTF moments, and the premiere of Happyland was no exception. The entire first episode laid down the bricks for the truth bomb that was dropped at the end of the premiere, which was that the lead Happyland characters, Lucy and Ian, are siblings. Which is totally fine, kind of like a family reunion, right? Wrong, because Lucy and Ian had just kissed, minutes before Lucy found out their relation to each other. Oh, the tangled webs MTV weaves.

In case you weren't aware going into the premiere that these two were siblings — I guess it's been the show's selling point — you were probably already shipping "Lian" — Lucy and Ian's couple name that I made up — really hard. What wasn't to like? They had a fairytale meet cute; he was high, she was annoyed with him, he had glistening abs — everything was going so well for these two. But when we learned that Lucy's unknown dad is James Chandler, the CEO-type for Happyland and Ian's father, I wanted to offer these two a swig of Listerine, ASAP. So will these two get together?

I'm going to say no. It seems like Lucy is just as uncomfortable about kissing her brother as I am uncomfortable about her kissing her brother. In the season's preview, Lucy even blurts out that he is her brother as she and Ian are playing about to kiss as Prince and Princess. His reaction, "What!!!!" (OK, maybe not as many exclamation marks). So these two are totally going to go back to being platonic friends who play romantically involved characters at a theme park, right?

From the looks of the preview, it seems like any relationship that could have been forming between Ian and Lucy is dissolved immediately in the "you're my brother" moment. In fact, it seems like the show doesn't even revolve around Ian and Lucy as a couple/ their weird incest moment past the family reunion.

Hopefully Happyland uses this as a comedic "oops" moment, and leaves the incest at the park gates. There seems to be many more promising story lines to be told involving Lucy's relationship with her father, or if she'll ever get out of Dazzle — that is the town name, I kid you not — for her dreams to come true.

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