Their First Kiss Is Finally On Netflix

by Christine DiStasio

Let me preface this by saying, RORY & JESS 4EVER. Seriously, if you aren't still convinced that Jess and Rory were soul mates, you just don't understand anything. But anyway, now that that's out of the way, Gilmore Girls is now streaming on Netflix so we can all relive the glory of this relationship that ended way too soon. And, of course all of the series' other great moments, there's one moment that all Jess and Rory fans out there probably want to skip right to: Jess and Rory's first kiss. So, which episode delivered that glorious moment?

Well, if you're planning on doing a full re-watch of the series, you're going to have to wait a very, very long time. I'm talking two WHOLE seasons' worth of a long time and considering Gilmore Girls seasons run 22-episodes, that's a long while. You'll have to sit through Rory's entire relationship with Dean until you even get to glimpse Jess. God, life is so hard sometimes. (Speaking of which, I need coffee. In a vat. Or one of Lorelai's coffee IVs.) But, luckily for you, I'm a big Jess and Rory fan and I've scoped out the episode that features Rory and Jess' first official kiss: The Season 2 finale, "I Can't Get Started," is the very magical episode that features Jess and Rory's first, perfectly-scored kiss.

You're swooning, I know. It's OK. But that's absolutely not going to stop me from making your day with these adorable Jess moments that are EVERYTHING.

The Snuggle/Forehead Kiss

Like, c'mon.

When He "Yahoo-ed" The Distance To Yale

And tried to be totally nonchalant about his adorableness.

When He Made Writing In The Margins OK

Writing in the margins of someone else's book is never OK. Unless you're Jess.

When He Made Opening An Umbrella Inside Also OK

Again, if it were anyone else, we'd be crying tears of fear. But this was just too magical to care.

When He Was A Jerk About Winning Rory's Basket, But We Loved It Anyway

We know you only pretended to hate it because Dean was standing there, Rory. Don't lie.

When He Looked Like This

And also like this:

It's physically impossible for Rory or any of us to keep our eyes off of Jess.

And Essentially Any Time They Ever Kissed Ever

Because angels sang.

Images: The CW; xevenathousandmiles, rileymatthews.co.vu, dreammetheworld (2), taylortownsend, thequeenofdrama (2)/Tumblr; JessRory/Livejournal