The Worse Responses to “I Love You” According to Reddit Make Han Solo Look Like the Best Boyfriend Ever

What do you do if someone tells you they love you, but you can’t or don’t want to say it back? One thing’s for sure: You don’t vomit forth one of these worst responses to “I love you.” Because yikes.

An AskReddit thread posted yesterday by CluelessSerena posed this awkward and uncomfortable question — and of course Reddit was ready with a boatload of responses, many seemingly drawn from personal experience. Obviously no one is ever obligated to say “I love you, too”; the reasons you might not want to reply as such are wide and varied (you don’t love the person, you’re not sure if you love them, you think you might love them but you’re not ready to say it yet, and so on). But when it comes to an unreciprocated “I love you,” there are some ways to handle it that are better than others. These responses? Are not those ways.

It’s common cinema lore that in The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo’s response to Princess Leia’s declaration of love for him right before he got frozen in carbonite — “I know” — was an ad lib on Harrison Ford’s part; as hilariously jerky as it made him sound, though, I’d take “I know” over most of these replies any day. Ready to cringe?

1. Take It Back

I’m not sure if this means, “No, you don’t,” or “Let’s just pretend that never happened.” Either way, though, PNWTacoParty is right: Ouch.

2. The Pointed Response

I would like to take this moment to note that this brief and uncomfortable response was submitted by someone with the username “Monosyllabic.” Coincidence?

3. The Apology

As is the case with “Take it back,” “I’m sorry” could mean many things: “I’m sorry, but I don’t love you back,” “I’m sorry you fell in love with a dirtbag like me,” and so on. Context is everything.

4. …

Awwwwwwwwwkward. But sometimes it’s useful to know what might be on the other end of that silence:

5. If Wishes Were Fishes…


6. The Breakup

I suppose maybe the misunderstanding could be taken as a sign that they really did need to break up, so at least there’s that. Or something.

7. Thanks for Nothing

My heart hurts for you.

8. Did I Say Something Funny?

Understandable if it comes out of left field and you actually think it’s a joke, but still painful for both parties involved.

9. There’s Always a “But”

As is the case with the breakup response, at least this one ends it sooner, rather than later.

10. The Avril Lavigne

Why you gotta make things so complicated?

11. The Substitution

Maybe that’s why she’s the ex-wife…

12. The Misunderstanding



For the record, if you’re in a relationship and your partner says “I love you” before you’re ready to say it back, this is the only appropriate response:

Nailed it.

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