A Sexually Enlightened R&B Video

College Humor has gloriously opted to address the trending relationship between men and feminism by releasing a "Sexually Enlightened R&B Song" to poke some irreverent fun at the expense of longstanding misogynist tropes within the institution of the musical genre. Starring a John Legend look-a-like (pertinent because of Legend's outspoken support of feminism), the video is shot, like most horny r&b videos, in black and white, with a man woo-ing a woman by talking dirty to her. But in this parody, the tables are turned in the woman's favor: Instead of the man singing about his own sexual needs being met by a woman acting mostly as a prop to his fantasies (in the grand tradition of r&b music), he instead sings about "reciprocacy" with lyrics like, "I swear it wont be done just because I've come", paired with some soulful close ups of his meaningful expressions. It's educational and enlightening for sure, but it's also hilarious.

The pairing of the kind of visual we're so conditioned to expect will objectify women with College Humor's gender equality inspired lyrics is a perfect marriage of joke telling and political point making. What if women were autonomous equals in musical genres where a female's persona exists only insofar as it informs the man's actions and feelings? College Humor addresses that with lines like "I don't care if you shave your body hair / I mean I have my preferences / But that's not really fair / I realize those are culturally imposed / By magazines, movies and male catered pornos". The best part, however, is when the singer offers to help pay for half of the woman's birth control with $100 bills printed with Beyoncé's face. Which obviously is a premonition of our feminist future.

Watch the video below and prepare to be filled with joy, hope, and a few giggles.

Image: College Humor