14 Monogrammed NoteCards That Will Make You Want To Send Snail Mail Right Now

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It warms my little heart that handwritten notecards, letters, and thank-you notes are having a resurgence (thanks, Jimmy Fallon). Email and texting have their place, but there’s really nothing like opening the mailbox and catching a glimpse of a real card or letter — maybe a handwritten return address, maybe a colored envelope — amid the crap mail and the catalogs for places you’d never even order from. Something for me!

As part of my own small effort to keep old-school communication alive, I’ve recently started giving notecards as gifts. There are so many occasions when it’s nice to show up with a little something, but I know I don’t need more stuff sitting around in my life, so I don’t like to impose just-stuff on other people. Stationery, though, is practical. A few blank notecards, in pretty wrapping, are perfect as a hostess offering at a brunch, or as a small birthday gift when nothing is really expected.

Currently I'm all about monograms. Of course, monograms themselves are classic, but now there are infinite variations on the standard, formal-script look, so we can put that much more of ourselves into our already-personal mail.

Here are 14 monogrammed cards to provide inspiration for future thank-you notes and just-to-say-hellos. Now excuse me while I do some shopping.

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