Why Lil Bub Is the Best Internet Cat

When celebrity cat Lil Bub hit the scene in November of 2011, the Internet couldn’t get enough of her — but what we didn’t know is that before long, she wouldn’t be able to perform the adorable pounce that made her famous anymore. Over the past year, however, with a lot of therapy, determination, and love, Lil Bub has made a miraculous recovery, learning to walk, run, and more in today’s most “aww!”-worthy story.

Bub’s unique look is a result of a number of genetic mutations, one of which is a rare bone condition called osteopetrosis. It rendered her almost completely immobile at the age of one, and it was only going to get worse as she got older. The worst part? There was no treatment for the condition available at the time. But in 2012, her fans suggested a device called the Assisi Loop to her owner, Mike Bridavsky. The Loop uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF, as a super effective anti-inflammatory — and more importantly, it could be used to treat Bub. The results are nothing short of magical. The feels, you guys. I has them.

By April 2013, Bub could stand up on her own and walk around. By September, she was running. By December, she started climbing stairs — and by February 2014, she was jumping high enough to reach the couch, (and apparently begging for yogurt just like my cat does). She’s just learned how to go downstairs — no small feat for a creature as tiny as Bub. Here, watch the video Bridavsky put together documenting her recovery. You will cry. I guarantee it:

Bub does more than just look cute on the Internet, though; she also helps the ASPCA raise funds for animals with special needs in her position as CEO — Cat Executive Officer (that's her at her desk up top). To find out more, head on over to the Lil Bub’s Big Fund website.

Good job, Bub. Good job, indeed.

Image: Lil Bub/Facebook