Gay Men Try To Explain Tampons

What is it about asking gay men to try to explain things related to the female anatomy that is so endlessly fascinating? No idea, but when you tell me there's a BuzzfFeed video asking gay men to explain tampons, I am totally there. In this latest addition to the genre, BuzzFeed asked a few of its gay employees to explain various menstrual products (I am so over saying "feminine hygiene products") for the camera, and their answers...weren't entirely off base. Although the phrase "Literally no idea" did come up.

The video calls to mind the "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" Tumblr, which includes many attempts in which the artist knew it was a hopeless effort so did something like added a unicorn or drew a Rubix Cube instead. Of course, we've also seen that straight guys aren't that great with female anatomy either. Or, for that matter, their own. Get it together, guys.

But overall, the gay guys on BuzzFeed do a decent job figuring out how tampons, pads, and Diva Cups work. They're able to use phrases like "how heavy the flow is," which is impressive, correctly figure out the purpose of the tampon string, and know that Diva Cups are "green."

However, there are also a lot of bewildered looks and allusion to tampons "dangling there all day" (toxic shock syndrome, anyone?), the belief that pads go on sticky-side-up (or possibly inside the vagina?), bending the tampon applicator, the phrase "Tampad?," references to Georgia O'Keeffe, and thinking that Diva Cups sit underneath the vagina and catch stuff that falls out. How would that even work with jeans?

I think I'll give them a pass on the Diva Cup confusion, though. I know they're great and all, but even I'm kind of scared of those things. I feel you, gay men of BuzzFeed. I feel you.

So now the only question that remains is whether or not straight guys would fare any better. Something tells me the answer is a big "No."