How Much Does Jerome Jarre Make For His Vines? Um, A Whole Lot

I'm not sure how exactly he does it, but Jerome Jarre manages to bottle complete happiness and disperse it to the masses in the form of his six-second long Vines. Watching one of his videos on the incredibly popular social media app will no doubt bring a smile to your face, thanks to his series of hilarious pranks, songs, and selfie videos, all wrapped up in an impossibly unique (and beyond cute) French accent. Jarre, a French business school dropout, has an astounding 7.3 million followers on Vine at the moment (and that number is no doubt rising as we speak), and that's on top of his followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. For Jarre, social media isn't just something fun to do (although what he does looks freakin' FUN), it's also a business. An extremely, extremely lucrative business. You might be wondering how much Jerome Jarre makes for his Vines. Well, I have your envy-inducing answer.

Along with tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, 24-year-old Jarre founded Grapestory, an agency that helps companies find social media stars with massive followings, like Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier, and commission them to create some original, branded content for a nice chunk of change. (One of the lowest-paid acts still makes upwards of $4,000 per video, so yeah.) In the wildly weird world of social media superstars, Jarre is absolutely killing it.


This September, AdWeek revealed just how much Jarre makes for a few seconds of his very valuable time — $25,000 a sponsored Vine, and $35,000 for a Snapchat. Um, can someone please pay me thousands of dollars for the Snapchat of my dog snoring that I took earlier? No? OK, fine. According to the AdWeek story, while Jarre's Vines are only six seconds long, they can take up to six hours of work with planning and editing. As for why he doesn't put out more sponsored Vines and keep that money coming in, it's because he has a business to run with Grapestory. As the article puts it, "When he was living on his friends’ couches, Jarre cranked out three Vines every day. Now, having become a businessman as well as a personality, he produces barely one per week."

Jarre has appeared in Vines for companies like General Electric, Coppertone, and most recently MTV, when he sat front row at the VMAs and recorded some of the funniest selfie-style Vines EVER.

Bonus points for making Beyoncé giggle, by the way. THE BONUS POINTS FOR YOU, JEROME.

After watching that don't you just want to give him $25,000 and a hug? Just me?