Kate Middleton is Not a Lazy Royal

It's been a rough month for the Duchess of Cambridge. First she was forced to announce her pregnancy news super early, then she had to cancel her first solo tour, and now Kate Middleton had to back out of another engagement because her morning sickness is still keeping her from traveling. Her hyperemesis gravidarum, a very severe form of the standard pregnancy illness, has yet to clear up so Middleton had to cancel her Royal engagement to The Art Room. She was due to open the organization's ninth center dedicated to helping children with emotional problems through art therapy. A Kensington Palace spokesman relayed the news in a statement saying:

The Duchess of Cambridge continues to suffer from the effects of hyperemesis gravidarum and was unable to attend this event today in person. The decision to undertake engagements is being kept under review on a case-by-case basis.

But Middleton decided just sending word of her cancelation by Palace aide wasn't enough, so she penned her own apology to the center, and it's not only lengthy, but incredibly heartfelt.

I am truly sorry that I cannot be with you all today as you celebrate this milestone. As patron of The Art Room, I feel great pride to see the work that the charity is doing. Vulnerable children flourish in the safe havens that The Art Room provides ... It really is hugely exciting to look to a future with even more Art Rooms, where the lives of many more challenging and vulnerable children will be transformed ... My sincere apologies for not being able to join you, but I hope that I will have an opportunity to visit Barlby and see the Clore Art Room soon.

The fact that, despite her illness, she took the time to write such a sweet letter just goes to show that the Duchess is more than just a pretty face, she really does care about the people of the UK. She's long been berated for being a "lazy royal" so perhaps this will finally show everyone that she's the opposite of that.

I'm sure she'd much rather be out working at The Art Room today. It's clear that the decision to cancel weighed heavily on her and she is sincerely sorry. Here's hoping she recovers soon, because it's evident she's raring to get back on her Royal engagement schedule and continue doing the work she loves to do: helping others.

Image: stylelist