Charlie Sheen Allegedly Attacked Dentist With Knife, & Drug Abuse Might Be to Blame — UPDATE

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen's representative Jeff Ballard denies the story. He states that while Sheen was on drugs, they were prescribed medication for a shoulder injury, and a negative reaction to the nitrous caused him to flail and lash out. However, the flailing did little more than knock over dentistry tools and even the dentist denies that the knife incident ever occurred. Sheen's lawyer also reports that the story is a complete fabrication on the part of the technician, who was fired for revealing that Sheen was in the office in violation of confidentiality laws.

Charlie Sheen isn't particularly known, at this stage in this career, for rational behavior. Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men in 2011 and went on to have a very public meltdown, making many bizarre or insane comments, writing offensive poems about replacement Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, and reportedly getting costar Selma Blair fired from Anger Management. Now Sheen is making headlines again, and this allegation is truly horrifying. According to TMZ, Sheen is under investigation for pulling a knife on a dentist.

Let's ignore for a moment whatever reason Sheen could have possibly concocted for bringing a knife to a dentist's office to begin with. The report states that he was there for an abscess Thursday of last week and was also "high on rock cocaine" at the time. Apparently, when the technician put the face mask on him to apply the nitrous oxide, Sheen began to lash out at her physically. She left the room with Sheen's security guard and the dentist remaining behind, but the dentist eventually came out and revealed that Sheen had pulled a knife on him and tried to go after him with it.

There's no explanation given for why Sheen would have caused that much of a commotion, especially at a dentist's office, other than the possible use of drugs, but TMZ reports that there is an active LAPD investigation ongoing over the incident. This kind of felony assault is above and beyond the kind of erratic behavior that we are used to from Sheen in the time since his divorce from Brooke Mueller. He's always been the kind of unpredictable celebrity to show up drunk at Taco Bell or live with a porn star and a model who he referred to as "his goddesses," at least in his most recent years.

However, Sheen was arrested in 2009 for assaulting then-wife Mueller, not to mention several alarming incidents prior to that with former wives Denise Richards and Kelly Preston. The anger management he received after the incident with Mueller seemed to have put an end to that kind of behavior until now. If this story is true, then it could be an indication that Sheen once again needs therapy and observation, not to mention rehab for the alleged cocaine use.

The actor was unable to be reached for comment at the time of the article, but hopefully his statement, when it comes, will explain his actions a lot better. There's no excuse or justification for pulling a knife on a dentist who, by all appearances, was not causing any harm to Sheen at the time, but the disproportionate reaction is crazy enough to require some sort of explanation — and a pretty epic apology.