The 9 Fashion Coffee Table Books You Really Should Own, From MAC to McQueen

Fashion and beauty aren't just about the clothes you wear or the products you apply to your face. Your personal style is manifested in your living space and through other ancillary things. Books about fashion are copious, but it's the fashion coffee table books that serve two purposes: not only do they provide inspiration and style ideas, but they also beautify your living space. Plus, they let everyone who enters know you're super fabulous.

These are nine pretty, photoriffic fashion and beauty coffee table books that you really should add to your collection. They're seriously inspiring, and so darn good looking.

'Miles of MAC'

This Technicolor-like book collects over 200 striking, avant garde, and artsy photos from MAC campaigns. There’s lots of gloss, glitter, and gold. If you are a fan of the ever-evolving brand, it’s a must-own. So much color, so little time. ($45,

Image: Rizzoli USA

'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty'

The genius of the late, great McQueen is never more apparent than it is in this book, which makes it bittersweet. The hardcover Savage Beauty features some of his most memorable designs, which are truly works of art, and some of his quotes, so it’s like he is speaking from beyond. Plus, the 3-D, lenticular cover, which features a skull and McQueen’s face, is crazy cool. ($35,

Image: Barnes and Noble

'Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson'

You can step into Lady Gaga’s crazy beautiful life on tour as captured by the controversial lens of her friend Terry Richardson. We get Gaga in bed, Gaga eating spaghetti, Gaga doing yoga, Gaga putting on red MAC lipstick, Gaga crying and coming off stage, and Gaga eating Tositos while wearing ripped fishnets and heels. It’s the Gaga life in vivid photo form. ($43,

'Vivienne Westwood'

This long, slim book covers the British designer’s humble beginnings through current day. In addition to its atypical shape, it looks and feels like a beautiful scrapbook and is perfectly suited for any coffee table or any guest room shelf. (Price varies,

'Chanel: Collections And Creations'

The Chanel archive is on full display in this book. It has several focuses: the suit, the camellia, the jewelry, the makeup, the perfume, and the little black dress. There are even previously unpublished pics and raw drawings by Karl Lagerfeld. Don’t all go running at once. ($30,

'Living In Style'

Okay, whether you love or hate Rachel Zoe, you can’t deny that she lives a beautiful life. Her tips and these intimate photos provide some inspo for your own wardrobe and home. ($20,

'Dior: The Legendary Images'

There are a lot of legendary images in the history of Dior. Fashion photography can be high art, as this book so deftly illustrates. You can get lost in the beautiful world of Dior for hours. ($45,

'Christian Louboutin'

Just like his red soled shoes, this book is an investment. It has pop ups, an interview, and tons of awesome pics. If you can’t wear Louboutin’s shoes, at least you can still gawk at them in book form. ($140,

'Tom Ford'

Especially if you live with a dude, why not add a semi-masculine touch to the coffee table? The cover is stark and masculine, and the pages prove Tom Ford’s fabulousness knows no bounds. This book traces much of the designer’s career. ($135,