'TVD' Season 6 Fan Theory Says Stelena Is Back On, According To The New Poster — And It's Crazy Enough To Be Right

Sometimes you just have to wonder whether or not the answers to life's questions are staring you right in the face. And by "life's questions," I obviously mean "TVD's endgame relationships." The CW's The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premieres Thursday and we might already know how the season's biggest potential 'ships — Bamon, Stelena, and Delena — will go down. I'm sure your head just shot up from reading all about why Bamon would be the worst thing for TVD because this could be a huge breakthrough, people. A TVD fan on Tumblr BleedingStelena has a theory that fans can tell which couples will be left standing are in the Season 6 poster and Julie Plec's assertion that the series has been "reset" in the upcoming season. And it's a crazy enough that it just might make sense.

The TVD Season 6 poster is a particularly powerful one, considering how static the series' posters have been in the past. So, in that, there's room for interpretation — particularly when it comes to the fact that Elena and Stefan are holding hands. BleedingStelena writes in their theory:

after seeing the promo picture and seeing stelena holding hands I feel like this season will be similar to season 3, where Stefan was away with Klaus and Damon and Elena starting bonding ew but in season 6 it will be similar because now Damon is away and I see Stefan and Elena bonding and then in Season 7 they will get back together (just like DE did in season 4) and then BOOM endgame!! oh and p.s. Another thing I noticed about the promo pic is Elena has normal hair again so that can only mean stelena lmao

This might seem like a stretch, I know. (Elena didn't color her hair just because she broke up with Stefan and started dating Damon, she dyed her hair for her.) But there might be some truth to the idea that when Plec said Season 6 would be like TVD had hit the reset button, it was resetting itself back to its former glory — the first three seasons of the series. No TVD fan would argue that the series was at its best at this point and it slowly spiraled out of control and downhill as it pushed through Seasons 4-6. But, then again, if you're a Delena fan, you'd probably argue that TVD is at its best when Delena is together. It might seem a little ridiculous that Plec would try to repeat the formula of the first three seasons of the show, but if TVD is really winding down and entering its final seasons, it could be fitting to see history repeat itself. After all, it did so with the Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle in the first place.

The fact that Stefan and Elena are holding hands in the poster is something that absolutely shouldn't be ignored — especially because when we start off Season 6, according to the released synopsis for the premiere and promos, Stefan and Elena are not on good terms. Stefan's deserted the group and he's not exactly being understanding about Elena's grieving process, he's kind of just brushed her aside. I'm not under any impression that these two will stay apart for long, they both lost someone close to them and when Stefan finally decides to stop being a massive jerk, they're going to bond. And, like I've theorized in the past, it's possible that Stelena will end up falling for each other when they're not even paying attention to their romantic attraction. It's happened on TVD in the past and considering Elena and Stefan's history, it wouldn't necessarily be the worst for TVD to come full circle and have Stelena be endgame.

Of course, TVD's posters have never really been indicative of what the upcoming season holds. But the Season 6 poster, again, is different. So, BleedingStelena's theory about Stefan and Elena's hand-holding might actually hold some weight. It's absolutely crazy enough to work when you consider how Plec continues to surprise us all, season after season. It makes sense to suggest that if, in fact, TVD is winding down and it's resetting in Season 6 it'll come full-circle. Because Plec is all about her circles, well, and her triangles, but everyone is connected on TVD, so it'd make perfect sense for the series to connect to itself before it crosses over to The Other Side one last time.

Image: Frank Ockenfels /The CW