11 Lessons They Can Teach Their Baby Girl

In an alternate universe, otherwise known as Point Place, Wisconsin, circa 1989, Kelso and Jackie reunited and had a baby girl together. No, I will not forget their fictional coupling on That '70s Show even though I am happy for the real-world, present-day versions of them because Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had a baby girl. I know. Baby Kunis-Kutcher is finally here, after what seemed like months upon months of waiting. Sure, we're all going to miss her bawdy interviews as a pregnant lady. Well, actually, she'll have the same bawdy humor any way because she's Mila Kunis. Nevertheless, it's pretty exciting, because not only did we witness their first kiss together on our TV screens, but we’re now seeing the couple move onto the next phase of their relationship: baby raising. That kid is going to be so prepared to win at life, and she’s going to have the best teachers there are, because what else can you expect from the Punk’d creator and the voice of Family Guy's Meg?

In fact, here are a couple of life lessons that Baby Kunis-Kutcher could pick up from her famous parents:

Retrace Your Steps When You Can't Find Your Stuff

Cherish the Holidays

Look Both Ways When You Cross the Street

Moping Around Doesn't Help

Tell Your Parents Where You Are at All Times

There's Always Time for a Dance Break

Sharing Is Caring

Always Know Your Worth

Always Be Confident

Love Is Out There

And Always Remember...

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