Tom Hiddleston Just Won a Huge Honor

Sad to say, I once lived in a world where I told my advisor at Us Weekly that I got to meet Tom Hiddleston and his response was, "Who?" Now, every time the mainstream media acknowledges the actor I get really excited. So learning that Tom Hiddleston was named Glamour's Best-Dressed Man is basically the highlight of my day. I mean, I may be biased, but it does make total sense that he was chosen. There's a reason HIMYM's Barney Stinson was always saying to "suit up!" Everyone still loves a good suit and Hiddles knows how to rock a polished look.

Elle UK once called him "debonair" which fits him to a T, and Men's Fashion Magazine labeled him a style icon. "The way he throws outfits together looks easy, relaxed and he holds them together with style and authority," their article reads. "A suit that Hiddleston wears looks like he should never wear anything else."

Um, yes. Hiddleston is an extremely attractive guy not just for his flawless face, but for his polish and finesse. (And for his views on feminism.) He has that whole British, gentlemanly look going on, with just a tad of goofiness. All which makes him easy on the eyes when he hits the red carpet.

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But him winning Glamour's award is made even better considering Hiddleston is not one for buying a lot of fancy clothing. It's well known amongst his Hiddlestoners that he owns about two suits, three shirts, and one jacket. He recycles his clothing often, and without regret.

There's even an entire blog called Tom is Monochromatically Fabulous dedicated to "his wild fear of colors other than gray and blue" and the fact that he only owns, like, five pieces of clothing.

There's something fabulous about someone winning "Best-Dressed" and being so low key about their own look. See, Tom is proving that you don't have to own a lot of clothes to look good. Plus, he's demonstrating that, despite what the media says, recycling your clothing is totes acceptable. No one should have to worry about never repeating a look, not even the year's best-dressed man. (Someone tell Kate Middleton this news, ASAP.)

Keep on being you, Tom Hiddleston, because it's getting you accolades you probably didn't even know you were in the running for — and I love it.

Image: Getty Images