8 Reasons 'Mean Girls's Aaron Samuels Was the Worst, Hair Pushed Back or Not!

On October 3rd, Aaron Samuels turned around in calculus to ask Cady Heron what day it was, and she told him that it was October 3rd. Thus history was made and we now all celebrate the third of the tenth month as the official holiday for everyone’s favorite seminal film Mean Girls. And lo we eat butter because it is a carb and frequently do we toss back Kälteen bars like there’s no tomorrow, as we’re reminded again and again that there’s nothing like a good bus accident can’t fix. Except, and I swear on Regina’s mom’s rock hard breast implants, that I am a diehard Mean Girls fan, but, I just can’t help but admit that Aaron Samuels, Cady’s crush and the end-all-be-all prize, was actually the worst.

I’m sorry, yes, I think that Aaron Samuels was the worst, because sure he had dreamy brown eyes and needed help in math, but he almost didn’t seem worth it when it came to taking the Queen Bee down. I know, I know. It’s almost sacrilegious to even poke at the movie, but just hear me out first.

I give you eight reasons why Aaron Samuels was not really the prize Cady Heron wanted and fought for all along. Because he really isn't innocent in all of this.

He Lets Regina Drink Cranberry Juice Cocktail

I admit that while Regina was on her cranberry juice cleanse, Aaron was the first to point out that it wasn't even juice but sugar, but once she admitted that she wanted to lose three pounds he didn't correct her? Or at least tell her that she was already beautiful and should stop worrying about her weight?

Regina spends a majority of the movie worrying about her "hot bod" and while she doesn't need her boyfriend to give her affirmation, you can see that Regina at least feels insecure about it and looks to Karen and Gretchen for some sort of confirmation.

He Stands By When Regina Purposefully Baits Cady

We all know that Regina George thinks Aaron's hair looks sexier pushed back, but it wasn't lost on him or Cady that she was doing it to make Cady jealous. Those long looks at each other in the cafeteria? Yeah, that was Aaron feeling sympathetic but doing absolutely nothing when his girlfriend was making her friend feel bad.

He Stands By When Regina's Being Mean to Her Friends

Maybe he's just passive. Maybe he's tried to stop her before when Regina's shut down Gretchen's use of fetch, but he's still just standing by as Regina continues to emotionally abuse those around her. He can't be blind, because everyone in the entire school was personally victimized by Regina George and they knew it. As someone close to her, why did he never say anything?

He Never Tries to Get to Know Regina's Friends

Maybe it's a deleted scene or maybe it isn't. Maybe Aaron tried to get to know Regina's friends in the first place then gave up, but there's no Aaron tries to talk to Karen and Gretchen scene. It's would be an awesome scene. It sadly doesn't exist.

He Never Gave Cady an Explanation

He invited Cady to his friend's Halloween party, told her not to bring a date, paid her attention, then went and made out with Regina. What's with that, Aaron? You knew that you were leading precious, innocent Cady to believe that she had a chance with you! Suddenly you're all over Regina because her face smells like peppermint foot cream? Pfft, your football player costume was lame anyway.

He Doesn't Get to Know Cady At All

I admit that she let on that she doesn't know math so he can help her out, but I feel like he would be able to pick up on that if he just got to know her! Ugh. At least Karen asked the new girl a few questions.

He Knows Regina's Awful but Still Dates Her

I get that she's got a hot bod and that entices the man candy that is Aaron Samuels, but even Aaron Samuels doesn't know why Cady's friends with her. When she poses it right back, he never gives a response. Fine, it's because she's busy actual vomiting, but there's never a real explanation anyway.

The only time he has an opinion is during class, when he can passively aggressively take a jibe at them and Cady.

He Was Playing Games Too

He needed the date? And to borrow a pencil? And he wanted to complain about how difficult the test was? Boy kept thinking of reasons to turn around to talk to Cady too. That's natural high school behavior, sure, but he can't act innocent in all of this. He knew how the game was played just as much as Regina and Cady.

Don't you dare give us that gentle smirk, Aaron. Don't you dare.

Fine. Dang it.

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